Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NEW LATINA Magazine Feature

I'm so excited! The Managing Editor, Tanisha Love Ramirez, of NEW LATINA Magazine, featured me in this week's Latina Spotlight! I shared a little bit about what inspired me to pursue a career in entertainment, why I choose to think BIG, how I feel about the word 'failure', and I even gave advice to younger Latina's looking to create a successful future in the arts! You can find the full article right here: Latina Spotlight on Jasmine Clemente Thank you for reading and please post comments in their website.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


"All is as it should be, or not?" 
Where do we draw the line between healthy disagreements and verbal abuse? 

In most spiritual practices, (such as Buddhism) they say that everything is as it should be - everything, including people's personalities, natural disasters, change of seasons, war, disease, health; everything! Let's analyze this for a second. If it is wise for us to simply accept things instead of struggling to control them, then where do we draw the line in accepting abusive behavior from people? Does this mean that we should go with the flow regardless of the outcome because we are accepting chaos & abuse as a natural occurance? And... does this statement suggest that we are helpless to things that are bigger than oursleves?

One thing I learned is that the only real power we have is in controlling our own actions, but not the actions of others. In this way, I think it's safe to say that it would be wise to accept people and situations for what they are, but that doesn't mean that we have to participate in what we feel goes against the nature of our own spirit. When I was younger and much more naive, I believed that I had the power to change the world and make it a better place. Now I realize that as complex as this world is, the only real power I have is to change myself as I evolve on this journey. But that isn't something to take lightly. Knowing that I can lead by example means that I myself, must be mindful of how I treat others, and what kind of energy I'm putting out there. I must agree, that since God is bigger than what us humans can comprehend, then perhaps it is wiser to just accept people for who they are because he designed them that way for a reason. To say that one person is better than another is like saying that one animal is better than another, such as a swan being better than a shark. Both animals are different, and yet both are necessary for the earth - just like people who are opposite in nature.

For example, sometimes people who are humble and passive, don't mix well with people who are aggressive and cocky. And when they are forced to live or work together, there's a disharmony that causes arguements and stress. So when should one accept a person for who they are, and/or compramise without being stepped over?

I believe that the reason why the Buddha said, "All is as it should be", is because earth is like a school where people with all kinds of personalities have to learn how to give and take in order to find balance and harmony. If we were born into a perfect world, then there would be nothing for us to strive for. I also don't believe in accidents. Some people are born into beautiful families and environments, while others are born into hardcore situations where it's a fight to survive from the very beginning. Now, how do we say that it's the child's fault for where they came from? So while we're growing and developing, there's all kinds of reasons for how we are shaped and molded into the kinds of adults we become. My thing is that, if someone is hurtting you repeatedly through by causeing you constant heartache and grief, then it may not be your job to change them (because you can't), but you can learn to let go of that relationship and still wish them well. As I mentioned above, the only person you can change is yourself, therefore, it would be wise to accept others for who they are and just worry about making your own life better. That is your sole responsibility: YOU.

Try not to question why certain people are cruel, short tempered, manipulative, or whatever. No one is God, nor can anyone comprehend all of his creations. There comes a time when one would benefit more from continueing on their journey by exploring other pastures. It's ok to retreat and discover new people, new lands, new careers, and/or new lifestyle habits. Of course everywhere you go, there will always be challenges, but there's a difference between stumbling upon obstacles and getting abused. You'll know in your spirit when it's time to fight a certain battle, and when it's time to let go. Remember, we don't have to know everything, and we don't have to change everybody. Allow pwople the space to be themselves, and focus on being a better version of YOU.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jasmine Clemente Live Performance @RED 58 in Midtown Manhattan

Jasmine Clemente singing at Red 58 in Midtown Manhattan
Jasmine Clemente performing "Soul Mate" & "Free My Spirit"

Monday, September 30, 2013

Your Mental Wellbeing

As long as you take mental breaks

Who wants to lye on their death bed with regrets? Wishing they would've done more but didn't find the time to? Whether we work too hard while neglecting family & friends, or spend too much time with family & friends while neglecting our life-long dreams & goals, people tend to wish that there were more hours in the day to do it all. 

Now... I may not know everything, but I do think that I'm pretty correct when I say that sleep is important for our health. If you've ever been awake for more than 3 days in a row, then you'd know! (The body begins to slow down like an outdated machine.) With that, how do we prioritize our waking hours?

Speaking for myself, I've learned how essential it is to give myself a mental & emotional rest. That's right! Haven't you ever been haunted by mind chatter? Or been surrounded by a group of people stressed out about coordinating a major function such as a wedding, an awards show or a gala, and before you know it, you're ready to pull your hair out of your head because their nervous energy is so contagious? Well, check out my little story... (It's all relevant to how this post started)

This week I performed at the KatWalk Katerers fashion show in Manhattan, making my entrance through a second floor fire escape where I walked up & down steps from building to building with a wireless microphone. Prepping for it was fun, but it took long hours getting ready for hair & make-up, plus rehearsing with 3 other models who accompanied me by dancing on different parts of the fire escape. When it was all said and done, the audience loved it! (Which is the most important part) But being back stage in a room filled with models, make-up artists, designers, and photographers became a little chaotic. 

I've also had an Anthology (A Collection of Short Stories) to edit this week, my novel that I'm still wrapping up; I'm prepping for more upcoming live performances, and I'm still working on new material (music) with other producers - and one more thing, I have additional scenes to film for my next music video coming soon... (Yeah, and that's not all, but I think you get the point at how crazy my schedule can get - like yours, I'm sure!)

Now... with all this going on, wouldn't it be wise for me to stop and take a breather? Of course! But a pause is just a pause; it doesn't mean you stop it all together, or quit one thing to have time for another. (For example, you don't have to choose family over your career, or choose your career over your family) You see, with a pause, we can meditate, take a bubble bath, pray at a temple or church, do yoga, read a book, and/or watch a beautiful movie, etc. And those simple pleasures allow us to let go of it all for just a little while. Throughout that time (let's say while meditating), we can listen to our intuitive voice within that lets us know what needs to be omitted (discarded), and what can stay. This is the process of de-cluttering negativity. which can come in the form of negative projects, negative relatives, and/or negative living environments, etc) Thus, if our little voice inside says that we can do it all, then believe it! All you need are positive projects & people for the energy to flow smoothly like a breath of fresh air! A living example is Oprah who is a one woman empire - with television shows, a magazine, her own network, books on her life, and  even acting roles in movies!!! (Now you're getting to see who one of my inspirations are)

The thing is, there's never too much work. (Nope. I don't believe it's ever too much.) When we say it's too much, we limit ourselves from expanding/growing. I just believe that we should carve out time for meditation by making it a PRIORITY. (Yes, carving out time for a bubble bath can become a priority if it means that for one hour, you relax so when you're finished, you're in a better mood, feeling good and thinking clearly.)  Oh believe me, I'm sure Oprah does it too!

One of the keys to success is that you're at mental peace with yourself & your life. Because if you're not, then you'll become forgetful, irritable, angry, unapproachable, and hard to work with. But guess what? If you're in high spirits, you'll attract people who want to help, more opportunities will present themselves, and even more love (healthy friendships & relationships) will develop because of your strong, clear & positive attitude! If you don't believe me, then read the ZEN list below and see how much better you'll feel just by taking it all in. Here's to taking a break! 

  • Zen is more of an attitude than a belief.
  • Zen is the peace that comes from being one with an entity other than yourself.
  • Zen means being aware of your oneness with the world and everything in it.
  • Zen means living in the present and experiencing reality fully.
  • Zen means being free of the distractions and illusory conflicts of the material world.
  • Zen means being in the flow of the universe.
  • Zen means experiencing fully the present, and delighting in the basic miracle of life itself. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Coffee OR Tea? Is like Writing -VS- Editing


It's taking me years to complete my first novel. Between writing the first draft which, in its own special right is its own special monster (because you have to unblock fears in order for the story to flow out), you then have to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite and den some, which is almost a never ending battle because a perfectionist never thinks their story is good enough when they keep finding ways to make it better. But suddenly, something inside knows when it's time to give birth. Ready or not, the universe propels you to move forward and share your work of art with the world! And so you take your chances. Now... when you send it off, guess what is the last step before putting it into print? Editing!

Usually, an author doesn't edit their own work. They send it off to an extra pair of eyes, and if their that serious, they send it off to a couple of people - the more the merrier! And after their ghost writers or editors finish their job, the publisher has their own in-house editor that gives the book its last shave. But here's the deal: Would you rather write your own novel, or edit someone else's?

To me, it's like choosing between coffee or tea. Both drinks keep you up during long work hours, both are somewhat healthy to digest, and both are faithful companions that will stick with you throughout the entire process - since their addicting. But the truth is that most people prefer one over the other, and rarely drink both. You're either a coffee drinker or a tea lover. Me? Well, I love coffee & and I like tea. (And to be even more specific, I prefer Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks any day - not because of the atmosphere, but because of their killer, delicious hash browns!)

Okay... so here's my coffee & tea comparison to writing & editing. Even though writing my own novel is a super long process, it's also very satisfying because it's my own idea, which makes it my baby. But... when I'm editing someone else's story, the love is a little bit different because I can't change or alter their story since it's their vision. All I can do is enhance it by polishing up the spelling, grammer, and maybe... maybe... maybe rearranging certain scenes in a different order so that their story flows a little bit better.

What I'm learning, however, is that I SHOULD put as much TLC into someone else's story when I edit because that's what I'd want my editor to do for mine. The last thing a writer wants is to send their story off to an editor and it comes back disfigured. So, as I take on this new project, editing an Anthology compiled of other women's stories, I keep in mind that every short story is someone's baby. And so my job as an editor is not to change anything, but to clean it up - give their story a shape up sort of speak.

If you ask me what I prefer, editing someone else's work or writing my own story, I'll say that I prefer writing my own story while drinking a cup of cafe con leche. (caliente) And while there are other writers who enjoy editing other author's stories more than writing their own, there will always be die hard tea drinkers whose taste buds prefer herbal tea drinks over coffee any day. Neither one is better than the other; because it's sort of the same difference.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Check out my Co-Hosting skills!

Online Radio Talk Show With Dhylles

NYC based life coach, Dhylles Davis, hosts her own radio talk show "NEW BEGINNINGS" with Co-host (singer/songwriter) Jasmine Clemente on In this segment they interview beauty pageant winner, Iris Soto, and wellness health coach, Kalyea Moss, about their experiences, opinions, and advice on maintaining vitality, optimism, grace, and compassion in an unpredictable life. Together, all 4 women discuss this and more, as they laugh about female sexism, raising children, touch on world current events, and share details about their personal passion projects & accomplishments.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Live Music Supported by Female Entrepreneurs

(Women's Networking Emporium) 

They say that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan... Umm Hmm.. Uh, pretty much ;) With so many artists and cool venues, shows, thrift shops, and booming businesses, these neighborhoods are becoming home to some fortunate souls, especially artists that need the energy of the city, but still not as chaotic as Manhattan. In addition, there's a new company emerging founded by female entrepreneur, Jackie Melendez, Womens Networking Emporium, looking to support, encourage, and build a community of strong women whether they be entertainers, real estate agents, developers, marketers, corporate giants, and/or any kind of leader making a difference for our future. 

Edwin Vazquez Musica & Jasmine Clemente
Jasmine Clemente
One of their first major events was, "Under The Tent", at the Restoration Plaza where they showcased various independent artist (men & women) at a fabulous summer out-door location. I must say, the sound system & microphone was amazing!!! Which I thankfully appreciate because as an entertainer myself, venues don't always carry the best equipments. Most of the time, audiences don't realize what the issues are backstage that contribute or effect a show, but I assure you, having the right equipment is a major aspect to every spectacle! 

Fun times indeed! I sang two of my latest songs, "Everything You Need", which I have a music video for, and "Soul Mate" which was just released on a South African record label. Among the artists were Edwin Vazquez Musica, SOSOON, and more, plus Evan Ginzburg of Legends Radio was in the house filming the event! If you missed it, make sure to visit their next showcase on Oct 19th, 2013 for another good time!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Warding Off The Evil Eye (As An Entertainer or Public Figure)

Do you believe in warding off evil spirits? Or do you think this kind of language is hocus-pocus? All I can say is that as an artist, I've been taking time out for myself lately to re-prioritize everything about my environment so that my art is coming from my higher, authentic self instead of from peer pressure to sell units by means of going against my true spirit.

It's a difficult balance to achieve. Sort of like the yin and yang. Where there is light, there are shadows and so we'd be foolish to ignore that instead of embracing and understanding it. If we are to appreciate a warm day, then we have to experience a cold day, therefore, embracing both sides of good and evil are necessary because both polarities exist in a world of duality. What does this have to do with being a successful artist? Everything.

There's a reason why they say, "What good is it for someone to gain the world and yet lose his soul in it?" At all times it is essential to stay grounded and level headed about who you are as a person. Popularity and fame can really get to ones head, which is why and how so many great artists experience hard losses and steep falls after making it to the top. To each their own, but I personally feel that one should never lose touch with their spiritual side (drowning out their intuitive & divine inner voice) to feed their impulses and adrenaline in the materialistic realm. How can our art, our music, our films, our work, and our messages lift up the human spirit & spark emotions to inspire if we "ourselves" are not in alignment with our higher self and the greater plan?

What's the greater plan, you might ask? No man is an island, although sometimes we forget that every decision we make is backed up by our actions which cause a ripple effect in the universe. What we do effects people around us - whether it's good or bad, great or horrible! Thus, because we are all connected to each other, it's important to be awake and conscious of what messages our art is sending, especially when artists (public figures) are influencing large audiences. Doesn't it make sense that if you we're created with a gift to "share" and grab the attention of an audience, then that must mean you are part of a greater plan? A plan to move people, to inspire people, to speak to people, to entertain people, to effect their mood and emotional well-being when your music is making them dance (if it's invigorating) or relax (if it's soothing). There is power in one person being able to command an audiences attention on stage - especially during a long concert!

With that being said, as we artists intract with the public by shaking hands, taking pictures after shows, being interviewed by journalists, and engaging with crowds during our performances, it's important to shield ourselves from possible negative energy because we don't know what people are releasing in those moments. (As I mentioned earlier, we'd be foolish to ignore the fact that light & darkness coexist in a world of duality) There are psychic debris whether we realize it or not. Thus, even us as artists are not perfect individuals either, and so we should be responsible with the kind of energy that we are giving off to the crowd. Are we suggesting that people beat each other up with our song lyrics, break families apart for one night of lust with the wrong person, or convince others that living selfishly according to our narcissistic egotistic lifestyles is cool? There's already enough music on the radio sending out messages with their strong, vibrational frequency, hypnotizing people under the influence of a good rhythm and catchy hook that when sung over and over, becomes as powerful as chanting. As I mentioned before, to each their own. But I'd like to think that as we tap into a higher power, pray often, and consider the fact that our decisions does effect others, that we use our talents to empower one another and truly make our mark in society as real artists that people respect.

Not every song or act may be conscious. Art is art. Therefore, part of what makes it special is that we don't censor the truth which sometimes isn't so positive. Sometimes we must purge and vent our frustrations through our music to make a point that something is disturbing or painful. Music and film has always been instrumental to revolutionary movements and even political or religious renaissance. Why stop now? I'm simply suggesting that it is more spiritually fulfilling to be a leader than a follower with your craft. Remember, it's your creation! That's why you are the artist. You are the painter, the composer, the director of your own image, career and destiny. So embrace all parts of yourself and stay authentic. Know that people will try to push and pull at you from all angels to make certain business decisions whether it's to market you according to their vision or sell units according to what they think will earn an immediate income. I say pray on all that you do, and make sure that you are proud of your work because after all, you were born (created) by something bigger than you & I with a purpose - which is part of a greater plan!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No More Sugar Coating; Let's Be Real

How many times can one reinvent the self? Is it only at obvious, pivotal points such as after high school graduation, after thirty, after a divorce, after a recovery from an illness or major life crisis? Or is going through transformation a personal thing that is a unique experience for everyone?

For the most part, I know who I am and I'm comfortable in my own skin. I'm in my early thirties, I'm building a creative career that I love, I'm family oriented, I'm happily single and have amazing friends, and I love my apartment, including my pets! Mmmmm.... That sounds real nice, but it's not all true! Let the fun begin....

Although I love getting older and wiser, in my profession, (an artist singer/songwriter) women are expected to lie about their true age by saying that their much younger. "Knock off at least five years when you reveal your age", they say. So if I'm 32, I should make people believe that I'm 27. How insulting!!! I think, anyway. In my opinion, telling people your age is like telling people your ethnicity to be accepted by some group or audience. What it suggests is that they need to see how they will market & sell you to a specific demographic, and so if you can't be fit into a box that guarantees an audience's attention, then it's too risky to work with you. In other words, they need guarantees. And with younger girls (singers), they have more time to experiment with them, they're easier to manipulate and follow direction, and they appear more attractive, therefore have more longevity in the sex appeal department. Nevertheless, I hate lying about my age so I tend to keep it a secret. Although I'm getting quite sick of repressing my true self when I should be proud to be healthy, happy, and fabulous in my early thirties. Why lie about that?

Secondly... I mentioned that I'm building a career that I love... Well, yes, that's true. I love being creative. But I don't love how people step on toes to get to where they want to be. It really takes time before a persons true colors show. And after all, business is business - so they say. In fact, the higher up the ladder one climbs, the more one must take their time before saying "Yes" to presenting opportunities because they get trickier and more deceptive. Not to mention, the political relationships that you must nurture because if you piss off the wrong person, the consequences have a ripple effect that can last for a very long time. What's sadder, is that you can be a 100%, absolutely right!!! But it doesn't matter if you're right, because people don't want to burn bridges with certain influential power players, (who although they may be manipulative, cut throat & greedy) they still want a relationship with them! A slave to the master, if you will.

Here's one of my favorites! I said that I'm family oriented. Oh yes... I definitely am. But there are certain relatives whom I ADORE TO THE CORE (heart & soul), but then there are those who have been so toxic to my spirit, that they've literally infected my well being with stress & trauma. I don't hate them because I understand some of the reasons behind their personal spiritual battles, but I learned a valuable lesson: you can't get sick enough to heal someone else... (Quote from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer) Therefore, remove yourself from toxic environments so that you can heal yourself, even if that means staying away from certain family members who bring you down. Abuse of any form is never acceptable. So connect only with the relatives that empower you and forget about the ones who don't. They have their own journey to take.

Okay... Then I mentioned how I'm happily single and have wonderful friends!!! I have to laugh out loud for this one! Hahahaha... There, I got it off my chest! That's it...

No, I'm kidding. There's more. I highly love the friends I've built relationships with, but is it just me, or is it easier to maintain friendships than romantic relationships? Gosh... They're so much work. And the older I get, the less patience I have to stick around. I bask in my freedom, I love my alone time, and I even get things done faster and more efficiently when I do them alone. Or have I just gotten so used to being single, that I'm scared to share my time with someone? I've even feared the worst: Am I becoming overly judge mental? How can I learn to truly love another human being in a romantic relationship if I'm not sure if whether my standards are too high or too low? Where do I draw the line of compromise? And how do I find balance between giving and receiving? (Don't wanna be a doormat, but don't wanna be selfish either) I'm so used to having long conversations with the ladies, drinking wine and eating out, that they have substituted my need for a companion. As in... The opposite sex companion. Is that okay? Or am I missing something?

Last but not least... I mentioned how I love my apartment & my pets. Well yes!!! I've painted the kitchen walls lavender, and the living room is a sandy beige. I have wall pictures of colorful & exotic flowers, I have a hanging plant, bamboo window shades, pretty vases and a book shelf with my favorite titles. So my home is definitely cozy and suits my personality. (And I never put on my living room light because I only use my floor lamp & candles for a dim effect) But I fear... That as much as I squeeze & kiss my cats all day long, that I am suffocating them with my love because I live alone. Lol... It sounds funny but I'm not sure if it is. Shit, even they have each other! Yep, I have two cats that I adopted with my ex-boyfriend in Los Angeles, CA five years ago. When we split up, I brought the cats back with me to New York because I'm their mother, and there was no way I was parting ways with them. Since then, I've spent many holidays with them, Christmas, New Years, my birthday, and even Valentines Day! And what's crazy, is that one of the first things I ask guys on a date is, "Are you allergic to cats?" Because if they are, we might have a problem. Since the kitties are a part of my package ;) So... What makes a house (or an apartment) a home? The answer is simple: Love - starting with self-love... and in my case, my love has overflowed into my cats which makes us a family.

Now... Back to this spiritual transformational thingy. Since lately I've been a little unsatisfied with certain things in my life, I'm beginning to yearn for a change. An inner change. And I don't quite know how I'm going to embark on this adventure, but I do believe it starts with facing some of my fears and doing things that might make me feel a little uncomfortable. Isn't that a part of growth? First off, believe it or not, revealing my age in this blog was a little uncomfortable for me, partly because I don't work by myself and other people may have wanted me to keep my age a secret. Yes, the decisions I make effect other people too. But for Christ's sake!!! Why should a woman have to be ashamed of her age when it should be a celebration? And secondly, I've learned that the power of forgiveness is miraculous however, it takes two to forgive. So when it comes to dealing with relatives, if there are certain family members (1 or more) who are still holding grudges or haven't changed their ways, I no longer take full responsibility in trying to fix or heal a situation single handedly on my own. The only person I am responsible for is myself because I can't choose for other people. The choice is up to the individual. And my home... Well, lets just say that sometimes moving into a new neighborhood, a new city, or even with a new person can make all the difference in the world. I think I feel a change coming... And I think day by day, the universe is preparing me for it. What about you?

Monday, August 26, 2013

When our childhood has unfinished business

Watching Disney movies as a kid made me believe that perfect families existed. Or at least it gave me hope of what a healthy relationship looked like between relatives, friends, and companions. But today, as a single woman living in NYC, I've been learning that there is truly a thin line between living a perfect (fantasy) life, and embracing the life you naturally have, just perfectly (and realistically) fine.

I grew up an only child until my mother remarried and had my sister when I was thirteen. Before then, I lived in a house where I sat alone in my bed, listening to my parents argue on the floor below me. Most couples argue, which is nothing new. And by the time my parents sat me down to tell me that they were splitting, (I was 9 years old) a part of me was mature enough to accept it and adjust quickly to the change.

A few years later, after she remarried and had another baby, I grew extremely attached to my little sister who idolized me and yearned for my big sister affection. Having such a big age difference, I became somewhat of a second mother since I fed her bottles, changed her diapers, and gave her cute bubble baths when I was about fifteen. Nevertheless, although I had a ball with my kid sis - taking cute baby pictures, dancing in the living room together, and watching (YES!) watching Disney Cartoons with her when I'd baby sit, I always had this inner feeling of an overwhelming amount of responsibility. With my stepfather's relatives coming over for family dinners and holidays, I had subconsciously felt like an outsider who was living in my mothers house with her family, never really feeling like it was my home. I felt more like a string-along who had to fit into my mothers world, while I visited my real father & his family, (and even my mothers family) on my own time - separately.

Fast forward to today... I know plenty of adults who live perfectly normal, healthy, and rewarding lives that come from divorcees. But sometimes, I honestly can't help but wonder if my growing up the way I did has influenced why I'm still single. Maybe... Maybe not... As an artist, I love building a career that's creatively & emotionally charged, although I'm getting a little tired of thinking that its a "singles" career. Artists have such a spontaneous lifestyle - constantly meeting different faces whether its a fan or a potential business opportunity, doing shows for different audiences in different places, recording music or writing song lyrics at all times of the night, that the nature of show business can be pretty freedom-loving. It's very rare that you see power couples who stand the test of time, but there are a FEW! One of the most popular ones are Will & Jada Pinkett Smith; also Emilio & Gloria Estefan. Lord knows that I'd love to pick their brain about how they've remained glued together for all these years.

And for the single people who are artists, (or whatever profession their in) who have built a beautiful life, I wonder what their definition of home is? By no means am I suggesting a co-dependent relationship because there's absolutely nothing wrong with being single! (We should all be comfortable with being our own best friend; self love is divine) but isn't it true that everyone needs a support system? Call it a family if you will, or a team... Or a circle of friends. But everyone needs a group of people that they can depend on. No?

I definitely have a nice circle of professional team members who I've formed a beautiful bond with. Certain music producers, photographers, editors, fashion stylists, jewelry designers, video directors and so on who I work with but also trust, confide in, and share special moments with such as birthday celebrations and so on... But I'm just hoping that I don't remain too chicken shit for too long when it comes to matters of the heart. One thing I vowed is to never go through a divorce. Some people have no problem jumping into marriage because they don't wanna live with regret. So they'd rather try and fail then to never try at all. Well, I can't see myself treating marriage as a test. But I also don't wanna think that living in a bubble (by myself) is easier, safer, and more fulfilling. Although relationships are not perfect (Thanks Disney!) I wouldn't trade creating a love nest for a life of playing it safe, single. I also won't rush such a sacred commitment like marriage for the sake of tying the knot. In fact, perhaps becoming perfectly fine with the life I already have will attract the right companion (who doesn't need a title, or an obligation, or an expected result to come from it), because a little bit of love can go a long way...

As far as feeling like the outcast when I was younger goes... (and I left a lot of stuff out) Family has more to do with unity and togetherness, trust and love, understanding and forgiveness, then it has to do with blood - or having a document ie. marriage certificate. Because real love can be found in the rarest of places with the people you least expect, over time, with memories built, and when spontaneity (the magic of life) is let in.

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? What would family guy say? Lol

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BEAUTY (Inside/Out)

 How Our Inner Beauty Manifests Into Our Outer World

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente (Gown by Fjc Designs)
Beauty is pleasing to the eye; however, if what's inside the image you see before you is rotten, then it is only a matter of time before its stench and ugliness will be revealed.

Everything that's hidden in darkness will eventually be brought to light.

True beauty is mostly found in rare places. For example, even super models have imperfections, and yet those imperfections are their trade marks! Such as one model having a gap in between her front teeth that sets her apart from the rest, or having a noticeable mole on her cheek that stands out, or freckles, a long nose, thick eyebrows, the list goes on! On the outer realm, it is those unique features on a person that is most attractive to photographers, potential companions, and the world. It's always been that way so don't be fooled by a false perception of perfection.

The issue is that after the make-up, hair, and wardrobe is on, we see such a stunning creature that the long nose or big ears are no longer the center of attraction because the woman is so fixed up. (The same goes for men) So what I'm trying to say is... instead of trying to hide something that you might believe to be a "Flaw", embrace it! 

Movie actresses, Politicians, Models, and all kinds of high profile public figures have been categorized in society as an elite class because of their widely recognized publicized accomplishments, but I assure you - they are not better or more beautiful than anyone else. Though it might appear that way with smoke & mirrors, they, us, we, are of the same human species. 

Here's a small back drop of my story growing up. In my culture, (Puerto Rican) Latinos tend to be more attracted to voluptuous women with fairly thick thighs, a nice rump, curvy waste, and big breasts. (Different from the European culture that like pencil stick, thin women) Well, guess what? Growing up, I was that pencil stick, thin girl who got teased for being bony, like a skeleton! I tried to eat a little more so I could gain weight and fill out in certain places, but it wasn't the way my body was proportioned. On top of that, I had big ears, curly eyebrows, and crooked teeth. That's right! I was the ugly duckling who grew up to be a swan. But take notice, I didn't shrink the size of my earlobes, or change my body shape. I did however, tease and shape my eyebrows at the beauty salon as most women do, plus, the braces that my father paid for worked wonders after straightening out my smile! Lord knows how much I love to laugh!

The point I'm trying to make out of all this is to embrace your outer beauty by highlighting and enhancing it. I don't use cosmetics to cover up my face, I use it to enhance my natural beauty - the key word here is beauty! You are beautiful. We all are. But what separates us from the fabulous and the not-so-fabulous, is the way we OWN IT! Do you feel that only skinny women are gorgeous? If so, look at how beautiful Oprah Winfrey & Jill Scott are. Those women have such a vibrant glow about them that it'd be impossible to deny their attractiveness. They are successful, optimistic, stylish, confident, talented, warm hearted, and influential women! And yes, it shows in the way they dress, walk, talk, and look. Do you think that taller women are sexier? If so, check out Gloria Estefan  and Paula Abdul who's only five foot, one inch height. They''re absolute beauties for more reasons than one! Image is important; it always has been. The thing that's even more important however, is the beauty you possess inside - because it will show!!! More than you know!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Woman & Her Hair

I wish I had the discipline for daily blogging, but sometimes projects come up and I get pushed back a few days. Don't we all!? Better late then never. Two days ago, my friend & hairstylist, Nicholas James Rivera-Miller, (A.K.A. Nico) invited me to the salon, DRY BAR, in Murray Hill NYC to blow out my naturally curly hair straight. Not only was the location beautiful - with top notch service, offering me a choice of wine, sparking water, coffee or tea - but Nico did an amazing job! 

I've always loved working with him because he talks to his clients like a best friend, dishing out all that girl talk while I sit in the chair venting, sharing, and having a good laugh. Nico's styled my hair before for previous photo shoots as well as for my previous video release party for "Everything You Need". I highly recommend Nico to women with all textures/types of hair because he knows what he's doing. Till next time ladies; stay beautifully blessed! (Inside & Out) 

(Dry Bar NYC)

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Uncategorized Artist


Singer / Jasmine Clemente
Everyone's heard of conscious artists, rock artists, hip hop artists, local artists, mainstream artists, etc. There seems to be a category that artists are expected to fit into so that marketers know which demographic audience to target sales. Business as usual.

So... which artist are you?

Well, let me start first by saying what type of artist I am: I'm true to myself.

I'm the type of artist who understands that there is a formula that works, however, I implement my own unique ideas into the business structure of selling units. For example, if a catchy hook has been proven to generate more revenue because it's easier for people to remember, then I'll keep that in mind for some songs, but I still write my own lyrics, still create my own concept, and still put my own spin on things.

I don't always use catchy hooks either. In fact, I have 2 unique songs that don't have hooks at all. A little unheard of, right? They're "Soul Mate" and "Unresolved". Then of course, I have plenty of songs with catchy hooks like "So In Love" and "Wanting More". I must admit, catchy hooks work for a reason! But enough about chorus's & hooks... This entry is more about why it's important for an artist to refill their creative well so that they're creative juices never run dry. 

There will be times that audiences will love your music (or art) and there will be times they won't. They'll also be times when investors and record labels will be dying to take you under their wing, and they'll also be times when you'll get nothing but rejection. Yet the point is to remain true to yourself. The minute you start altering your craft to fit into a certain category or stay signed to a certain record label to please others, you'll lose your spark, your magic! That stuff that all artist have - uniqueness. 

The trick is to balance both worlds of business and creativity. Remember that the best art usually comes from the deepest places of your soul, and often times it's not even recognized or appreciated until after the originator dies or gets old. Life is weird that way.

Therefore, sometimes it's not you who needs to change. But it's the rest of the world that needs to catch up to your vision! (Notice, I used the word vision) Usually when one person comes up with an idea, sound, or yes - vision, their not the only one with this concept because great minds think alike. It's like there's a magnetic wavelength that falls from the heavens and blankets the earth. The ones who are clear, optimistic, and open to receiving this energy usually get inspired - as if a light bulb went off in their head. And though they may be far & few, there still are... A FEW. 

So if you have some great ideas, or some gut feeling about doing something crazy with your art that takes you out of the box, don't be afraid to create it out of fear that you won't make money or that people won't understand. It takes time for evolution to occur. And as we all know, artists have a reputation for being innovators who influence society and future generations with their courage to be different.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lyrics to Rattle the Soul "SOUL MATE" (South Africa)

So much music; it's over saturated. Millions or billions, perhaps even trillions - (no exaggeration), of music to find on line. What separates you from the rest? For me, it's not a competition but let's be realistic: We want to sell records. Artists, that is. And with a simple, catchy hook that rings repeatedly inside of someone's mind, you got yourself a winner - hooking your listeners in! 

However, I wrote a song that doesn't have the conventional hook that we're all used to hearing. If you google & listen to my single, "Soul Mate", you'll know what I mean. It's a song that I recorded with South African producers, Maqabe & Mbali, on Qabecity Records. 

From across the globe to NYC, I'm performing this song that I took a risk with - writing lyrics that don't have the normal, catchy hook because instead I chose to write lyrical metaphors that intertwine worldwide traveling with how far a soul mate's radar can actually reach. Meaning... that whether you live near the equator (In South America), or by Niagra Falls (In Canada), or by the Red Sea (In Israel), you're soul mate can feel you from distances away because that's how strong the connection is. 

I wrote the song wanting to give people something to think about while dancing to it. I could've wrote very simple lyrics, but the internet is already over saturated with mindless music just as much as TV is over saturated with mindless reality shows. Thus, for me it's not solely about making popular music to be famous or sell top chart records - as much as it's about making real music with real substance.

Nevertheless, last month in July I performed, "Soul Mate", at Babble In The Bronx's 3 year anniversary amongst a great line up of Spoken Word Poets, Singers, and MC's who appreciate real content over commercialized tunes. Now, I'm not putting down commercial tunes because I'd be lying if I say that I don't dance to them in night clubs or during fun celebrations, but I believe that every artist has a certain crowd (audience/demographic) to tap into. At Babble, you're going to get the type of crowd that wants to hear something authentic, straight from the gut that will provoke deeper thoughts, challenge the mind, touch the heart, and rattle the soul.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

VIVE Katerin covers Evan Ginsburg's Legends TV Launch Party

I had a fabulous time at Evan Ginsburg's Legends TV launch party yesterday in Midtown Manhattan. Cameras flashing everywhere I turned, I constantly smiled cause I didn't know who was shooting, from which magazine or social networking channel! There was just that many! Below you can see my exclusive interview with VIVE Katerin as I introduce my new single, "Soul Mate" from South Africa. Watch the whole video, or skip into 2 minutes when I come on.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Behind The Scenes of "Por Amor" Music Video

In creating the life we want, how much power do we have? A few months ago, I teamed up with my video Director, Rodolfo Duran, to film my first slow song, Por Amor, (Guitar by Mark Towns) but Hurricane Sandy pushed our plans back.

I wanted the message on screen to represent something meaningful, so I thought of getting 3 different interracial couples walking around China Town & Little Italy while making sure that the director captured cultural symbols. Well... Mother Nature practically wiped out the downtown area of Manhattan by covering it with 3 feet of water. Thankfully, the city was up & running again after a few weeks, but it took months for a lot of people to repair damage and get back into a normal flow.

So here we are, eight months after the storm filming, "Por Amor", in hot ass July! But at least we didn't forget about the project altogether! In fact, the origin of this song began exactly five years ago when I lived in Los Angeles, California for a summer. That's where I met the Latin Jazz guitarist, Mark Towns, who'd invited me to be a guest singer at his live band performances. I had never even considered singing in the Latin Jazz genre before, but I was specifically looking for a guitar player when he responded with enthusiasm! Well... Turns out that I was the lucky girl because when I heard his instrumental music, I fell in love with every chord, rhythm, and feeling it exuded. Thus, all it was missing was a voice - my voice.

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
And that's how "Por Amor" was born. I wrote song lyrics over this gorgeous track and recorded it in a major NYC recording studio where it was engineered by Steve Francis for Stush Music. Now, five years later, my video director insisted we film a music video to this romantic ballad despite all of the invigorating, dance, house music that I have out. Of course we'll be filming music videos to those too! (I'm a house head through & thru) but this ballad shows that I have variety.

Back to the production of the video. Not sure if it was fate or what, but something made me remember this beautiful logo of a curly, long haired latina in front of a Coquito bottle that I'd seen on the internet. Being that my director was looking for ways to cross market the video to gain more followers, I started brain storming of who to include in the project, so I researched that image until I found Flaco Coquito - The Healthier Coquito, and contacted the founder, Cynthia Sepulveda. We both equally loved each other's websites and agreed to feature her product in my music video. What's even better, is that after wards, everyone on set toasted with her strawberry flavored drinks in hand. A perfect refreshment to cool us off on a hot summer day!

From Left to Right: Victorious De Costa (Web Series Director for Dirty Hearts TV) Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero (President of Flaco Coquito), Devora Wooden (Dig Deep Baby LLC), Music Video Director Rodolfo Duran (DoneRight Digital) & Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
Another element that we included was featuring a friend of mine, Victorious De Costa, (Director of the Dirty Hearts Web Series) to play my date on screen. He's a tall, dark skinned, Panamanian brother with long dreadlocks - which was perfect for my interracial concept! I think the locks gives him an eclectic, artistic vibe, and that - me gusta mucho!!! What was even more coincidental was how Rodolfo Duran specifically requested that I wear a long gown to stay classy and sophisticated in this video, so when I came across the designs of Francis J. Cuesto, I was pleasantly surprised to see the perfect black dress in his collection. I said, "I need that!" And a good friend of mine, Dhylles Davis, made the phone call to Frankee that would have him dolling me up on set not even two weeks later. Amazing!!!

The finishing touch... Which made a big difference... Was when Devora of Dig Deep slid on a huge diamond ring on my middle finger, a thick bracelet on my arm, and gave me some gorgeous earrings to wear. Having the right costume jewelry gives the artist an extra edge, and every single element matters.

Until next time... Look out for the video announcement coming soon... In divine timing... (As you can tell from how this song started).

Saturday, June 29, 2013

#ClementeDreamTeam with a splash of DJ Divine Ellison

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
Yesterday I had a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Reggo Wilson, to update my Actors head shots. However, the day before our scheduled shoot, I had a meeting with the up & coming fashion designer, FranKee J. Cueto, (fjcDesigns), and I loved his outfits so much that I added him into the equation for the next day. 

The picture you see here is of me wearing a black laced blouse designed by him. I'd reveal the entire outfit but I can't because I'd love to use one of these photos for a single cover. But gosh! His designs are so fly that I wish I could share it right now... Uh! You have no idea how bad I want to! It's having a great designer like him plus an awesome photographer with a good eye to make the package complete. Noone can ever make it alone; it takes a dream team, like FranKee told me, to help one another out. Genius! I thought. Why not come up with the hash tag #ClementeDreamTeam for promoting projects on social media: Instagram or Insta-tweet & tweeter-gram (as Reggo jokes).

I also wanna give a shout out to DJ Divine Ellison for playing my single, "Soul Mate," produced by Maqabe & Mbali (Qabecity Records / A South African Record Label) on his Saturday morning show, The Greasy Spoon, on PrePartyRadio with listeners from NY, LA, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London and Paris who've been supporting the house music community for years. The single will be available on,, and on July 18th, 2013. Also look out for my performance on the Coney Island Boardwalk this summer on August 13th where Mr. Divine will be spinning again and having me as his featured performer for a sunny afternoon.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

MEDITATION for people in MEDIA

Have you ever heard of it being unprofessional to pray and/or meditate? (There must be a good reason why entertainers pray before they go on stage) In this multifaceted show business, I kind of think it should be as highly required as making comp cards, head shots, business cards, epk's, etc. If you're not a newbie and you've been in this business for a good while, you'll know what I mean. In fact, if you're in the spotlight, you probably wish you could keep your personal life personal because of all the gossipers, news reporters, and blogger's who love to tell a juicy story off your trials and tribulations. Thus, when life's challenges get so hard to overcome that you don't think you'll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, (partly because everywhere you look, the tabloids or professional contacts won't let you forget) have faith... And make time for prayer. I'm personally not a church goer myself, and although I don't discourage anyone from following their beliefs, I'm just going to simply share what has proven to work for me.

Firstly, people sometimes forget that celebrities, public figures and artists have a personal life too. That's ok. The media has set things up to make public figures seem larger than life in order to sell more units, collect more votes, and/or build an audience. The danger with this however, is that everything a public figure does in their personal life is scrutinized more deeply because of a specific image that exhibits higher expectations. But what did we think??? They're not human? Sheesh... I guess the image thing really does work --- to a fault.

The five time Grammy Award winning artist, Lauryn Hill, made many points about getting caught up in a fake lifestyle just to keep up with her public success, but it was eating her alive because it was so tiring to have to play perfect all the time. Other artists have also been known to share this same concern; there's a lot of pressure trying to be perfect when you know you're not. And in order to keep a fan base to earn a living, you're not allowed to slip up.

What's worked for me is prayer and meditation. Being in this fast paced entertainment industry can become a little chaotic at times, and when you meditate, you let go of excess energy that you might've absorbed from the crowd. Between photographers capturing your every move, journalists asking off guarded questions, a million agents and managers trying to persuade you to work with them, it can become tiresome. People will also talk about you. What you're wearing, how good or bad your new projects are, how long or short you're career will last, and of course ---- who you're dating!!!!

Multimedia Artist Jasmine Clemente
When receiving all of this energy, it's so important to shield yourself from absorbing other people's thoughts and opinions. Remember, no one knows you personally, but that doesn't mean that opinions don't hurt or effect us. Especially as artists who are sensitive in nature, we're extremely susceptible to the energy in our environment. So I say, make time for prayer and meditation at least once a day or week, but don't skip longer than a week!!!! Prayer keeps you centered and grounded with the real you, so that you don't get lost in all the hype.

Here's the thing with prayer though. Number one, the amount of energy you put into prayer is the amount of energy that will come out, meaning, you can't pray with a doubtful mind an expect to see miracles happen. Secondly, I'm not suggesting that you pray to a specific kind of God because I'm not about to fit God inside of a box. So.... let's try something like this:

  • Pick a quiet place where you will NOT be disturbed for at least 20 minutes
  • Close your eyes and let go of every thought & memory of the day
  • Silence your mind chatter and only listen to your breath
  • Remember that there are things in this universe that can not be explained
  • There is energy in light bulbs, energy in a fetus, and energy in the sun, etc.
  • There is an intelligent life force that you can tap into, something that gives life & creates
  • Start by being thankful for the positive things you have. Your health, an income, the ability to communicate, clothes on your back, food to eat, etc. Raise your vibration by being thankful and happy for your current blessings. 
  • Know that you are connected to this life force and that it can move your spirit. Sharpen your intuition. Try to feel if whether your spirit is full and growing, or weak and diminishing.
  • Ask your higher power for guidance on your divine path, and to remove any & all negative people that will block you from achieving your best life.
  • Believe with all your heart that this mysterious universe filled with miracles and wonders will make a way to answer your prayer, and when it does, pay attention!!! 

Artists get a lot of perks for being in show business and it can really go to our heads! We get free clothes, free jewelry, and free shoes - just to name a few, in order to promote up and coming fashion brands. We also get invited to some of the nicest places, five star quality suits, VIP sections, free bottles, and complimentary gifts to keep the venue's name afloat. But with all of this, we are still human beings! We are not above any other person, nor are we excluded from society. Just like everyone else, we experience loss, sickness, sadness, failure, and we're constantly reinventing ourselves as we learn life's lessons. The only difference is... we have a larger audience that gets to criticize our high's and low's because we're in the public eye. This is why I recommend... prayer and meditation. It will definitely shield your spirit from unwanted energy and keep you connected to your higher power & true source so that you don't go astray.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 28th - June 30th

Same sex marriage is controversial, yet I personally believe in a higher love that is all knowing & all wise. In that I believe that our free will is a gift because we are entrusted to make the best decisions for ourselves as we create our own destinies. Feel your spirit, know your heart, and live in the light! With that being said...

Come celebrate GAY PRIDE on June 30th at Gas Light (free entry) in Manhattan from 2:00PM until the next morning, hosted by Father Chris & Phil Jean. You know how we party! I'll be performing my new remix of "Free My Spirit" remixed by DJ Brandon Morales alongside an all female line-up! DIVAS WILL BE IN THE BUILDING! Life is meant to be joyful, and it's short, so make the most of it! Come through & dance baby, dance.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Confidence Equals Leadership


Confidence can mean many different things to many different people. But at the root of confidence lies the seed of self love.

When you love yourself, you trust yourself. You know that as a human being, there are many lessons to learn and you're not born knowing everything, but just because you make a few mistakes along your journey, doesn't mean you stop loving yourself. Confidence is when you love all of who you are, your imperfections, your strengths, your weaknesses, and everything that makes you who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.

Confidence has nothing to do with vanity, egotism, or winning popularity contests. In fact, it's when you might be highly misunderstood by others that you'll need your confidence the most. Confidence makes you a leader. It makes you sure of yourself. It allows you to speak up. It inspires you to get what you deserve. And your confidence allows God & the universe to manifest its glory through you.

Let's talk about the opposite of confidence: Insecurity.

When we're insecure, we take less than we deserve. We'll probably settle for a low income salary,
settle for a mediocre relationship, and/or allow ourselves to get walked on! Well, today and everyday moving forward... be confident!!! And make a list of the things you want in life. Seriously. Let your imagination run wild and envision your deepest desires coming to life. Then, tell yourself that there is absolutely no reason on earth why you don't deserve to achieve and/or have those things. I mean, why do you think other people have great lives? It's not only for the lucky. It's for the ones who believe. Be confident!


 When You Don't Know Which Lover To Choose

Ever feel torn between lovers? But of course. I think we all have at some point in our lives - for different reasons. In this new Panamanian web series, Dirty Hearts, (Directed by Victorious De Costa) I play the leading lady, Veronica, who feels her long-time boyfriend slipping away when he begins going through personal inner changes. As he starts breaking old habits, switching up his style, and thinking of new life goals, he meets another woman who matches his new attitude. This is where he starts to get confused...

From Left To Right: Ivy Rivera, Angelo Salazar, Jasmine Clemente

Without giving away too much information and juicy details, I think this is a project that everyone can relate to on some level. Who hasn't gone through conflict when life shows you new things? Has it always been easy to cut chords with people you've built close relationships with? There's this thing called loyalty, and often times when we begin distancing ourselves from our old social circles, it can seem disheartening to the ones feeling left behind - especially romantic companions. Stay tuned for this cool, fun, and hip webisode coming soon to an internet near you!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Optimism Attracts Success

How To Be Happy With What You DO HAVE Instead Of Being Sad About What You DON'T HAVE

Last night I stayed home watching DVD's underneath the covers. As I lye comfortable but a little lonely, (wishing I had a companion to spend my leisure time with) I saw a coming attraction based on a true story about a teenage surfer who got her arm snapped off by a shark. For a moment it made me realize, being single should be the least of my worries when things can be so much worst.

Just when you think that life is lonely, tough, or unfair, stop to think about how blessed you are. Do you have all of your body parts connected in the right places? All 10 fingers and 10 toes? Are you healthy? If someone tells you a funny joke, do you still laugh?

I think most people know that life is not a perfect fairy tale for anyone, but there are those who tend to always find something to complain about. They might think that rich people have it easier than poor people - that the rich have nicer homes, nicer cars, nicer clothes, nicer places to attend. Or they might hate their dead end job but stay working there because it's paying the bills. They might also hate their marriage and wish they were single & free, or they might be single & free but wish they were married.

What I've noticed is that if we constantly focus on how much more others have, then we miss out on what we already do have. You see... The only way to attract success is to live as if you already are successful, and that comes from a feeling within (that you can't fake). Here are some ways that you can lift up your vibrations. First, check off what you have on the list below so you can notice how many blessings you already have and how to expand them. Do you have...

    • To watch a beautiful sunset on the beach and clear the clutter in your mind.
    • To watch a movie, such as a comedy to make you laugh or a classic that touches your heart.
    • To choose what you're going to wear & how you're going to look (present yourself) when you go to work, to an event, or to meet friends.
    • To see how happy your friends or relatives look on their important days (ex. Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Award Ceremonies, etc)
    • To paint the walls of your home any color you choose, and to pick the type of furniture you want. (This can be as small as a matching dish set) 
    • To hear music that will make you dance, sing along to it, or feel good.
    • To hear dialog in a movie, a play, or a religious temple so you can follow the story and understand its message.
    • To have meaningful conversations with people; to communicate with your neighbors, your coworkers, your family, and/or your companion. (There are people who lose their hearing in bad accidents)

    • To be able to walk into a place you really want to be in, and to be able to walk out of a place you really don't want to be in.
    • To be able to exercise your body, go jogging with earplugs, go swimming, or dancing at a club that plays music you love.
    • To get into your car and take a drive for a weekend getaway, or even take a train to travel to another state.

    The reason why I began with those basic functions, eyesight, hearing, and your ability to walk, is because there are people who have all of these basic functions working at top speed but still find things to complain about, such as not having enough money, not having enough space in their apartment, being in a dead end relationship, not being attractive enough, or not living in a nice neighborhood - the list goes on! But I assure you, if you want to attract successful opportunities for a better job, a better companionship, to attract more money or to look more attractive, you must live from a place of gratitude and inner joy.

    For example, if you don't like your current job, then get a better job. You have the eyesight to research what you might like, to apply, to take a course study, to write cover letters and to look presentable on your interview. What's stopping you? If you'd prefer to own your own business rather than work for someone else, you can take out books from the library on how to create a business plan, and then go to seminars, or go to places where you might run into an investor. To be successful in any business or field, be it entertainment, sports, culinary, literature, medical, education, science, etc, you must come from a place of joy that fuels confidence from within. Have a can-do attitude! And stop saying that it's too hard, or that you don't have enough money, or that no one wants to help you, or that life is unfair.

    Maybe starting this blog about a teenage girl who got her arm snapped off by a shark was a harsh way to begin this entry, but being that it's based on a true story, I think it was a good way to reference how blessed we already are when we forget what we DO HAVE instead of complaining about what we DON'T HAVE. Do you have all of your body parts? A roof over your head? A bathroom to freshen up in? You are probably already blessed beyond comprehension but possibly don't realize it out of focusing on what you don't have. But I assure you, if you want to have more, you must first start by being grateful for what you already have. A positive mindset will work towards achieving and accomplishing more because you'll realize that you already have all of the necessary tools to create the life you want. So get busy living!!! :)

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Everyday's My Birthday!!!


    Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
    Today, May 23rd, marks my birthday. Yet instead of celebrating this occasion at some fancy club or far off tropical island, I'm home blogging after completing a photo shoot for the new web series, Dirty Hearts, (Directed by Victorious De Costa) that I got cast lead role in.

    Work, work, work... and more work seem to fill my days - but I love it!!! Every single gig I land from acting roles, live performances, record releases, and photo shoots to even blogging. Yes! Even blogging! There's never a dull moment.

    I also just received the picture's back from last week's performance at M1-5 Lounge during the RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase, where I sang my new music from South Africa ("Soulmate" on Qabecity Records), Italy ("Something Different" on New Generation Records), and New York ("Wanting More" Native Son Music). While reviewing them, I couldn't help but realize how blessed I am to have the health, freedom, and drive to live with such passion and purpose.

    With that being said, I believe that I celebrate everyday like it's my birthday! Instead of waiting for that one moment out of the year to acknowledge my uniqueness by spending it with family & friends, I can honestly say that I do this on a regular. basis My loved ones take turns supporting me at different events, and I support them with their achievements as well - and partying like a rock star, shhhhit... You already know I do that!

    Last week I was honored to sing for approximately 400 people, most of them new faces. You never know what will move the crowd, but I tend to believe that when you perform from your heart & soul, they appreciate it - and by the audience's reaction, I can tell they did! Tons of people went out of their way to pay me compliments which is one of the best feelings on earth for a performer to have because we live to show people a good time on stage. I wanna take them on a journey while  I have their attention; to create a bridge between their world and mine as I sing my song lyrics, is a sacred gift for me to have the opportunity to share. 

    Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente

    To add to this artistic life, over the weekend we shot our first scene in the new web series I'm cast for. Another project I highly enjoyed putting energy into. I play, Veronica, a sassy urban Panamanian chic that wants a better life - to travel overseas, wear designer clothes, and move up in the world; but feels threatened when the love of her life, Ricky, begins to slip away due to a change of heart and mentality. After hours of filming by taking different angle shots and wardrobe changes, I knew that despite the hard work and long hours, acting is another venture I absolutely love pursuing! Nevertheless, today the main characters of the cast did a photo shoot by Zoi Ellis for our promotional packaging & material. Thus, I had the pleasure of being styled by the ever amazing fashion stylist, Devora, from Devora of Dig Deep LLC

    In short... To summarize this all-over-the-place blog entry, I guess what I'm trying to say is that my life is becoming a daily birthday celebration because I am surrounded by good vibrations. Who can ask for a better life when you're living your dreams and mingling with others who pursue their dreams too? Everyone I meet expresses their divine gifts, are prosperous from it, are happy, and are evolving everyday as confident, clear, focused human beings who add a little more color into the world. Who can ask for a better birthday, or a better life?