Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music Video Feature

Yesterday on Saturday, August 14th, I was featured in a hip hop music video directed by Exile Ramirez that took place in a secluded loft tucked away in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Back in the 90's, I was a huge hip hop fan but after the tragic death of 2 Pac & Biggie Smalls followed by the music's content which became more and more violent, I began to lose interest. However, despite my previous judgments on hip hop, I enjoyed being on set with an up & coming hip hop Artist named SeeS for his new video, BANG BANG! Now I know what you're all thinking... The title sounds like the song is about busting caps, murking nicca's and doing drive by shootings but it's not! It's actually about achieving financial prosperity. And although hip hop has been stigmatized for promoting bling-bling, this video didn't reak a thing of superficialness. It basically expounded on the American Dream, promoting that sky is the limit when you work for what you want. Who can't relate to that?

Hence, I enjoyed my time on set, especially since the vibe of the whole cast and crew was so warm and down to earth. In the past when I was featured in other hip hop videos (who's artist will remain nameless) I had felt disrespected by the way some of the rappers spoke to the females on set, as if they should run to them and bow down to their every command. But not these guys, SeeS and Fantom; they were confident enough to deliver a stellar performance and even personally thanked all of the members for their patience, hard work and willingness to commit to staying on set from 3PM until 1:30AM. Now that's what I call a crew of professionals who showed appreciation for every detail that went into creating the finished product.

On set with...
Actor Doug Drucker & Artist Jasmine Clemente
Artist Muse & Artist Jasmine Clemente
(Check out her upper back Tattoo of the Egyptian Feline Deity Bastet)
Actress Chrissy Stewart & Artist Jasmine Clemente

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  1. I agree with you on this one totally!!!coming into work on my first rap video shoot i thought it might be all egos and wannabe gangsta clowns but it was nothing of the sort....everyone was collaborating perfectly and it flowed without ego and without flaw!! i was happy to be a part of it at the end of the day and ended up meeting a lot of talented people....lets do it again!-billy main-


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