Saturday, July 30, 2011

Writing A First Novel

Now that we're in the month of August, it marks an entire year and a half that I've been writing my first novel. And while it is practically finished, I've been taking some time to do some final draft editing before sending it off to my publishers. If you also have the desire to write a story but don't know where to start, here are a few tips I'm happy to share!
  • Pick a topic you're passionate about, be it romance, mystery, drama, horror, etc.
  • Don't worry about it making sense at first. Just write down all of your ideas, feelings, thoughts and freestyle!
  • After you scribbled down notes sporadically, the next step is to start getting your thoughts in order by actually creating a system. 
  • Get a new notebook. At the top of each page, write the name of each character with a list of their characteristics below. Include their gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, and be specific about their physical appearances. Does one woman have a visible mole on her face like Marilyn Monroe? Another have a short, boy hair cut like Halle Berry? Write the details. 
  • Give each character a phrase that they repeatedly say in their dialogue such as, "Trust Me," or "I A'int the one," or like Carrie always says from Sex in The City, "I couldn't help but wonder."
  • In the middle of your notebook, put a yellow post-it sticky to mark the next section where you're going to doodle conflicts between your main characters. Play with your imagination and don't think that anything is too crazy! In fact, the crazier, the better! 
Hopefully, these tips helped. I know that writing is key to completing a novel but many times a lot of us get stuck day dreaming about it because we're not sure of how to do it correctly. It's normal to be fearful but don't let it paralyze you into non-action. It's also good to read books such as, "Writing A Novel for Dummies", etc. But you should be writing first and then reading afterwards, just to see how closely you're matching the format of story telling in a way that makes sense.

Okay well, Phew! I must say, it feels really good to finally finish my first story. Ladies & Gents, writing a book is not simple and yet it is simple. Why? Because it all starts with writing! If you can write an article, a letter - anything at all, then you can write a book. So start writing and the rest will come naturally. Also, make sure to hang out with other writers; it's imperative that you do! Your social circle will feed your motivation and continue to remind you of who you want to become and how you're going to do it. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sinking into the cushion of your understanding,
I lost all sense of logic, forgetting why I was so angry
Your warrior-like compassion burned through every illusion
that I imprisoned myself to believe
until you unlocked me
turning my fate for the better like a sorcerer of the seas,
you commanded the upheaval of my emotions to be released
so I could become free

Tender, soft, yet strong, you held on tight to the treasure you discovered
Me, the pearl without an oyster who needed your shelter
How did you find me in such stormy weather?
Oh yes, because as you cruised through misty fog, navigating through hailing sins,
getting smacked down by tidal waves of rejections,
your heart pumped oxygen made of stardust, illuminating your inner compass
with kinetic inspiration
so you'd never forget where you really came from and what you're truly made of

Focused, nothing could cloud your vision
You've been on a mission but needed your Misses to cross the ocean of differences
Sharks tested your strength as they did mine
My heart bleeding from a loss of faith, I gave up the fight
And yet there you were, taller than a tower,
your light beaming from the heights of your third eye
finding me amidst the darkness of the night,
Drowning in sadness, twirling in a whirlpool of oblivion,
I tried to find balance between the mind, body and spirit,
but had no luck until our two worlds collided,
like a mermaid transforming into a woman with legs,
You then led me into a garden where I could eat the fruits of wisdom
their seeds sprouting through my lips when I began to speak,
uttering positivity, affirming miraculous healing
so that others who were once lost like me can finally see
the true potential that we all could reach

The moon then began to giggle as we kissed underneath the stars,
bestowing its glow upon our Venus and Mars
planetary movements, nebula explorations,
heaven's gates joyously swinging open, the angels celebrating our majestic union
Due to your freewill to act as a soldier of love,
You've infused the goddess within me to reactivate my blueprint
so I can too, like you, offer a universal love

Written by Jasmine Clemente

Friday, July 22, 2011


It is time for you to fearlessly
venture out like a lioness who owns her self-esteem
In the concrete jungle of dillusionary dreams
Be the real thing,
The sure deal,
A challenging match that will bring even a king to his knees
Let your very presence
Be so magnetic
that you suck in the darkness, spitting it back out into pieces,
shattering it's miniature armies of demonic forces
due to your illuminating presence
which blinds them,
Transpires them
Into a healing existence,
Like the dove after war,
Peace reigns within your majesty
You can do this, for you are a QUEEN
A warrior of light
Fulfilling a higher purpose,
A human being,
An angel,
A compassionate soul
who recognizes the spirit that dwells behind the ego,
waiting to be released - freedom
is your middle name,
It is the essence in which you rest in
To be reawakened
To its tranquility
like a breeze in the tropics, you thrive in the suns vitality,
Too powerful not to shine,
you spread your rays of light
For if someone double crosses you,
you will burn even more bright!
Let them cause their own demise for not accepting your truth
With your prophetical tongue,
Casting spells, bestowing blessings,
Speaking beautiful revelations to occur
For you are a QUEEN
A QUEEN who loves boldly beyond reason,
Beyond logic,
Beyond needs,
Don't apologize or think this is weak,
For you are fiercely courageous to reveal such awe striking sensitivity
This is the heart and soul of a woman's natural state of divinity
Be that woman of glory!
For you are a QUEEN

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are certain songs that are classics. The difference between a classic and any other song, is the fact that the classic lives on forever due to its message, its vibrations and its influence on our soul. This is my personal pick! =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Article on NYC's Celebrity Stylists: The Sachika Twins!

Aside from writing my first novel and recording an album, I also take time out to interview and profile some amazing industry professionals. Below you can read an article that I wrote on NYC's celebrity stylists: The Sachika Twins. It was a pleasure to be in their company and they had some amazing tips to share about beauty and fashion which every woman can relate to. Remember, regardless of what field you're in, always dress for success!

Article on Actress, Empowerment Speaker and Activist, April Lee Hernandez-Castillo


Latest tracks by JASMINECLEMENTE

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I don't know what the hell I'm doing and yet I know exactly what I'm doing when I type until my fingers fall off. See, that's just it! I keep on typing and typing without worrying TOO MUCH about the structure or what the story line should be like.

Look, cut me some slack here. I'm writing my first novel so I'm not really going according to the proper guidelines, but then again, I've never really lived my life that way either. I've always been sort of an enigma, hard to figure out - complex, I should say. And... my story is what it is... a story! Like children, we color outside of the lines, and that's when we're at our most blissful state. Then we get older and learn how to color inside of the lines. Then we get even older and they teach us how to color back outside of the lines - again. So in a nutshell, everything we learn, we end up unlearning. It's called the art of allowing.

As a first time Author, I must say that I am just allowing myself to flesh out the story. And I refuse to beat myself up any longer about how perfect it should be before sending it off to my publishers. I think I have been a perfectionist for far too long and the truth is, that since it's my first book, there's going to be room for improvement no matter how hard I try. There just comes a time when you know in your heart that you've done the best that you can and you're ready to share. So, my fellow writers, remember to continue writing because to become an Author, you must write! Besides, every successful novelist had a first book too. ;)