Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I don't know what the hell I'm doing and yet I know exactly what I'm doing when I type until my fingers fall off. See, that's just it! I keep on typing and typing without worrying TOO MUCH about the structure or what the story line should be like.

Look, cut me some slack here. I'm writing my first novel so I'm not really going according to the proper guidelines, but then again, I've never really lived my life that way either. I've always been sort of an enigma, hard to figure out - complex, I should say. And... my story is what it is... a story! Like children, we color outside of the lines, and that's when we're at our most blissful state. Then we get older and learn how to color inside of the lines. Then we get even older and they teach us how to color back outside of the lines - again. So in a nutshell, everything we learn, we end up unlearning. It's called the art of allowing.

As a first time Author, I must say that I am just allowing myself to flesh out the story. And I refuse to beat myself up any longer about how perfect it should be before sending it off to my publishers. I think I have been a perfectionist for far too long and the truth is, that since it's my first book, there's going to be room for improvement no matter how hard I try. There just comes a time when you know in your heart that you've done the best that you can and you're ready to share. So, my fellow writers, remember to continue writing because to become an Author, you must write! Besides, every successful novelist had a first book too. ;)

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