Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sinking into the cushion of your understanding,
I lost all sense of logic, forgetting why I was so angry
Your warrior-like compassion burned through every illusion
that I imprisoned myself to believe
until you unlocked me
turning my fate for the better like a sorcerer of the seas,
you commanded the upheaval of my emotions to be released
so I could become free

Tender, soft, yet strong, you held on tight to the treasure you discovered
Me, the pearl without an oyster who needed your shelter
How did you find me in such stormy weather?
Oh yes, because as you cruised through misty fog, navigating through hailing sins,
getting smacked down by tidal waves of rejections,
your heart pumped oxygen made of stardust, illuminating your inner compass
with kinetic inspiration
so you'd never forget where you really came from and what you're truly made of

Focused, nothing could cloud your vision
You've been on a mission but needed your Misses to cross the ocean of differences
Sharks tested your strength as they did mine
My heart bleeding from a loss of faith, I gave up the fight
And yet there you were, taller than a tower,
your light beaming from the heights of your third eye
finding me amidst the darkness of the night,
Drowning in sadness, twirling in a whirlpool of oblivion,
I tried to find balance between the mind, body and spirit,
but had no luck until our two worlds collided,
like a mermaid transforming into a woman with legs,
You then led me into a garden where I could eat the fruits of wisdom
their seeds sprouting through my lips when I began to speak,
uttering positivity, affirming miraculous healing
so that others who were once lost like me can finally see
the true potential that we all could reach

The moon then began to giggle as we kissed underneath the stars,
bestowing its glow upon our Venus and Mars
planetary movements, nebula explorations,
heaven's gates joyously swinging open, the angels celebrating our majestic union
Due to your freewill to act as a soldier of love,
You've infused the goddess within me to reactivate my blueprint
so I can too, like you, offer a universal love

Written by Jasmine Clemente

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