Friday, June 17, 2011


There's an audience that seeks your type of sound/vision/art and/or project; there's always an audience. But what happens is this: Sometimes Artists get so caught up in trying to create something for the current market to purchase, that they lose their special magic because they're not allowing their soul to come through.

Many Artists who are looking to make a living off of their work, keep this marketing/business strategy in mind when creating, which is fine, however, in my opinion, I've learned that what's in today is usually out tomorrow - that fast! Things just change too rapidly to try and keep up with the times, so why not just be true to yourself? Hence, you never know what new fads or styles suddenly emerge out of nowhere.

Again, there's always an audience who will buy into your vision, but the key is to stay OPEN MINDED. For all you know, maybe your projects won't do well on the East Coast of America but they may do well on the West Coast. Or... They may even do well overseas. So don't be discouraged if you're not earning enough income right away. Remember, Doctors heal, Lawyers defend, and Artists INSPIRE. Keep that at the forefront when you're producing, writing, conducting, drawing, etc, because our job as Artists is to feed the soul by moving people to tears or to joy. Then the money is your reward; not the other way around.

... And when you collect your pay, make sure to invest! The struggling Artist is a myth due to many of them not having enough financial education a few years ago. But today, there are so many books, audio CD's, free seminars that provide information on how to better manage our finances, that we no longer have to starve. But that's entirely a different subject. The most important role to fill, is allowing the unfolding of your destiny to flourish by trusting your own inner voice and intuition. And when you master that, your greatest work or art will spring forth from the divinity in which you tap into. Be an open vessel that is clear to receiving some of the most wickedest ideas in story telling, music, fashion, kissing the floor after making love to your dance partner, and whatever else activates your imagination. Feel your corazon.