Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A good friend of mine named, Deshai Williams, coordinated and hosted an all female showcase last night in which I was featured in. The show took place in the legendary Sullivan Hall in NYC. After the host began singing at the very beginning of the night, she introduced me as the opening act. At first, as all eyes were on me, I spoke a little about the genre of house music for those in the crowd who haven't yet been put on. Most people are exposed to mainstream pop, R&B and Hip Hop music. Therefore, it was an honor to drop a few jewels about the history of house music which consists of deep, ethnic rhythms tracing back to South Africa, parts of Europe, also infusing Latin flavor; not to mention its popular reputation for usually featuring gospel vocalists, or singers who convey very uplifting song lyrics. Thus, after hypnotizing the room with my brief speech about how inspirational this style of music is to me, I sang a little acapella and then told the DJ, "Drop that beat!" The rest was history... as I performed my latest single, FREE MY SPIRIT

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Central Park Photo Shoot

Yesterday I did a photo shoot in Central Park. And while I was striking poses in front of the camera, a small band behind me played spiritual music that sounded like a blend of Catholic church choir vocal harmonies infused with Indian drums & rhythms, laced with lyrics created by artist's such as STING, ALANIS MORISSETTE and/or SINEAD O'CONNER. What was even more enlightening was the fact that I happened to be wearing my crucifix necklace, which made me notice even more of a spiritual coincidence. Below are a few photos taken by this awesome photographer named Travis PhotoNerd.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Coney Island Board Walk in Brooklyn is a historical landmark in New York that I've been dying to perform at, and finally, the opportunity came this past Sunday when I was asked to be a featured guest for a special DJ's birthday - Dat Gurl Curly.

Singing FREE MY SPIRIT on the Coney Island Board Walk
Although there were scattered showers throughout the day, people still partied in the rain as a group of female DJ's including, DJ Dat Gurl Curly, Shelter Girl, and Charo Velecio, played house music inside of one of the wooden huts on the Board Walk. From 12 to 8PM, the crowd freed up their spirits, getting their groove on despite the chilly October weather. All was working out according to plan until it was my time to sing. Something I never expected to happen, happened.

As the crowd gathered closer to me, cheering and amping me on to perform, the wireless microphone I had been singing with had surprisingly shut off! However, I DIDN'T! I kept rocking on like the professional I am, although I couldn't hide the look of shock on my face. Not even seconds after, I laughed it off and continued singing for a crowd of house heads who are all about feeling the spirit! As long as people were jamming to the beat, dancing, and having a good time, I had done my job.

Afterwards, I found out that the cause of the wireless microphone shutting off was due to the battery dying. Well, now I know for next time to prepare for these kinds of things before they happen. In the world of show business, technical difficulties do occur - but a professional knows that the show must GO ON!

*** Special thanks to all of the people who came out in the rain & kept the spirit of joy alive by partying for a special purpose - to celebrate life on Dat Gurl's birthday!