Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A good friend of mine named, Deshai Williams, coordinated and hosted an all female showcase last night in which I was featured in. The show took place in the legendary Sullivan Hall in NYC. After the host began singing at the very beginning of the night, she introduced me as the opening act. At first, as all eyes were on me, I spoke a little about the genre of house music for those in the crowd who haven't yet been put on. Most people are exposed to mainstream pop, R&B and Hip Hop music. Therefore, it was an honor to drop a few jewels about the history of house music which consists of deep, ethnic rhythms tracing back to South Africa, parts of Europe, also infusing Latin flavor; not to mention its popular reputation for usually featuring gospel vocalists, or singers who convey very uplifting song lyrics. Thus, after hypnotizing the room with my brief speech about how inspirational this style of music is to me, I sang a little acapella and then told the DJ, "Drop that beat!" The rest was history... as I performed my latest single, FREE MY SPIRIT

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