Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Photo Taken by Reggo Wilson

You see those stars dripping from my ears in that photograph? Well, guess what? They are actually Christmas ornaments! That's right! Even I was shocked when clothing designer/fashion stylist, Massah Fofana, (gku soul) revealed her secret on our photo shoot last week, taken in D.U.M.B.O. A.K.A. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

On another note, I like the energy that goes behind wearing such lavish earrings because for one, a star represents everything positive. The sun, warmth, showmanship, life, vibration, and reaching for higher heights. It's no wonder we place stars at the tippy top of a Christmas tree.

Okay, so now that I've shared that fun fact about my stylist thinking outside of the box with her over-the-top fashion statement, let's get back to the root of why I'm writing this blog entry.

Honorably speaking, I am the first to jump start the 2012 Holiday Blog Tour curated by none other than the amazingly talented writer & blogger, Icess Fernandez Rojas! It was her idea to put together a social media event which gives selected bloggers the opportunity to crisscross their works between December 7th until December 25th with a string of holiday themed entries. With that being said, I'm in a pretty special place since my entry will be the very first to set this marathon into motion!

(Side Note: wearing Christmas ornaments for earrings was a totally spontaneous venture and it just so happened to fit right in with the holiday theme! I love it when cool stuff like that happens - naturally.)

But from a more humble approach, (tucking my alter ego away for a quick nap) when I thought of what the word Holiday meant to me, I thought of all the holidays - Christmas, Hanukkah, 3 Kings Day, and one of the biggest of all: New Years Eve resolutions! Being a Gemini, (a multifaceted, versatile, jack of all traits) could you imagine me trying to narrow it down to just one holiday? I couldn't just choose one without including the others. So I decided to get to the heart of the matter and talk about what matters the most. And to me, the holidays are all about the gift of giving!

Okay, fellow starlight's, here it goes... Regardless of what ethnic or religious background you come from, may you find this 4 minute video clip as uplifting as I did! For in this short video, you will find a peace within that will remind you of your divinity, your uniqueness, and your purpose for being in this moment. Remember, there are no accidents! We were all chosen to connect with one another on this blog tour which means we have alot to share. And I'm excited to see what's to come! So let the creative juices start flowing and activate what this holiday season is really all about! PRESS PLAY & ENJOY THE SHOW...

Tis the season to be jolly!