Friday, July 22, 2011


It is time for you to fearlessly
venture out like a lioness who owns her self-esteem
In the concrete jungle of dillusionary dreams
Be the real thing,
The sure deal,
A challenging match that will bring even a king to his knees
Let your very presence
Be so magnetic
that you suck in the darkness, spitting it back out into pieces,
shattering it's miniature armies of demonic forces
due to your illuminating presence
which blinds them,
Transpires them
Into a healing existence,
Like the dove after war,
Peace reigns within your majesty
You can do this, for you are a QUEEN
A warrior of light
Fulfilling a higher purpose,
A human being,
An angel,
A compassionate soul
who recognizes the spirit that dwells behind the ego,
waiting to be released - freedom
is your middle name,
It is the essence in which you rest in
To be reawakened
To its tranquility
like a breeze in the tropics, you thrive in the suns vitality,
Too powerful not to shine,
you spread your rays of light
For if someone double crosses you,
you will burn even more bright!
Let them cause their own demise for not accepting your truth
With your prophetical tongue,
Casting spells, bestowing blessings,
Speaking beautiful revelations to occur
For you are a QUEEN
A QUEEN who loves boldly beyond reason,
Beyond logic,
Beyond needs,
Don't apologize or think this is weak,
For you are fiercely courageous to reveal such awe striking sensitivity
This is the heart and soul of a woman's natural state of divinity
Be that woman of glory!
For you are a QUEEN

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