Friday, August 9, 2013

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Singer / Jasmine Clemente
Everyone's heard of conscious artists, rock artists, hip hop artists, local artists, mainstream artists, etc. There seems to be a category that artists are expected to fit into so that marketers know which demographic audience to target sales. Business as usual.

So... which artist are you?

Well, let me start first by saying what type of artist I am: I'm true to myself.

I'm the type of artist who understands that there is a formula that works, however, I implement my own unique ideas into the business structure of selling units. For example, if a catchy hook has been proven to generate more revenue because it's easier for people to remember, then I'll keep that in mind for some songs, but I still write my own lyrics, still create my own concept, and still put my own spin on things.

I don't always use catchy hooks either. In fact, I have 2 unique songs that don't have hooks at all. A little unheard of, right? They're "Soul Mate" and "Unresolved". Then of course, I have plenty of songs with catchy hooks like "So In Love" and "Wanting More". I must admit, catchy hooks work for a reason! But enough about chorus's & hooks... This entry is more about why it's important for an artist to refill their creative well so that they're creative juices never run dry. 

There will be times that audiences will love your music (or art) and there will be times they won't. They'll also be times when investors and record labels will be dying to take you under their wing, and they'll also be times when you'll get nothing but rejection. Yet the point is to remain true to yourself. The minute you start altering your craft to fit into a certain category or stay signed to a certain record label to please others, you'll lose your spark, your magic! That stuff that all artist have - uniqueness. 

The trick is to balance both worlds of business and creativity. Remember that the best art usually comes from the deepest places of your soul, and often times it's not even recognized or appreciated until after the originator dies or gets old. Life is weird that way.

Therefore, sometimes it's not you who needs to change. But it's the rest of the world that needs to catch up to your vision! (Notice, I used the word vision) Usually when one person comes up with an idea, sound, or yes - vision, their not the only one with this concept because great minds think alike. It's like there's a magnetic wavelength that falls from the heavens and blankets the earth. The ones who are clear, optimistic, and open to receiving this energy usually get inspired - as if a light bulb went off in their head. And though they may be far & few, there still are... A FEW. 

So if you have some great ideas, or some gut feeling about doing something crazy with your art that takes you out of the box, don't be afraid to create it out of fear that you won't make money or that people won't understand. It takes time for evolution to occur. And as we all know, artists have a reputation for being innovators who influence society and future generations with their courage to be different.

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