Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Woman & Her Hair

I wish I had the discipline for daily blogging, but sometimes projects come up and I get pushed back a few days. Don't we all!? Better late then never. Two days ago, my friend & hairstylist, Nicholas James Rivera-Miller, (A.K.A. Nico) invited me to the salon, DRY BAR, in Murray Hill NYC to blow out my naturally curly hair straight. Not only was the location beautiful - with top notch service, offering me a choice of wine, sparking water, coffee or tea - but Nico did an amazing job! 

I've always loved working with him because he talks to his clients like a best friend, dishing out all that girl talk while I sit in the chair venting, sharing, and having a good laugh. Nico's styled my hair before for previous photo shoots as well as for my previous video release party for "Everything You Need". I highly recommend Nico to women with all textures/types of hair because he knows what he's doing. Till next time ladies; stay beautifully blessed! (Inside & Out) 

(Dry Bar NYC)

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