Friday, August 30, 2013

Warding Off The Evil Eye (As An Entertainer or Public Figure)

Do you believe in warding off evil spirits? Or do you think this kind of language is hocus-pocus? All I can say is that as an artist, I've been taking time out for myself lately to re-prioritize everything about my environment so that my art is coming from my higher, authentic self instead of from peer pressure to sell units by means of going against my true spirit.

It's a difficult balance to achieve. Sort of like the yin and yang. Where there is light, there are shadows and so we'd be foolish to ignore that instead of embracing and understanding it. If we are to appreciate a warm day, then we have to experience a cold day, therefore, embracing both sides of good and evil are necessary because both polarities exist in a world of duality. What does this have to do with being a successful artist? Everything.

There's a reason why they say, "What good is it for someone to gain the world and yet lose his soul in it?" At all times it is essential to stay grounded and level headed about who you are as a person. Popularity and fame can really get to ones head, which is why and how so many great artists experience hard losses and steep falls after making it to the top. To each their own, but I personally feel that one should never lose touch with their spiritual side (drowning out their intuitive & divine inner voice) to feed their impulses and adrenaline in the materialistic realm. How can our art, our music, our films, our work, and our messages lift up the human spirit & spark emotions to inspire if we "ourselves" are not in alignment with our higher self and the greater plan?

What's the greater plan, you might ask? No man is an island, although sometimes we forget that every decision we make is backed up by our actions which cause a ripple effect in the universe. What we do effects people around us - whether it's good or bad, great or horrible! Thus, because we are all connected to each other, it's important to be awake and conscious of what messages our art is sending, especially when artists (public figures) are influencing large audiences. Doesn't it make sense that if you we're created with a gift to "share" and grab the attention of an audience, then that must mean you are part of a greater plan? A plan to move people, to inspire people, to speak to people, to entertain people, to effect their mood and emotional well-being when your music is making them dance (if it's invigorating) or relax (if it's soothing). There is power in one person being able to command an audiences attention on stage - especially during a long concert!

With that being said, as we artists intract with the public by shaking hands, taking pictures after shows, being interviewed by journalists, and engaging with crowds during our performances, it's important to shield ourselves from possible negative energy because we don't know what people are releasing in those moments. (As I mentioned earlier, we'd be foolish to ignore the fact that light & darkness coexist in a world of duality) There are psychic debris whether we realize it or not. Thus, even us as artists are not perfect individuals either, and so we should be responsible with the kind of energy that we are giving off to the crowd. Are we suggesting that people beat each other up with our song lyrics, break families apart for one night of lust with the wrong person, or convince others that living selfishly according to our narcissistic egotistic lifestyles is cool? There's already enough music on the radio sending out messages with their strong, vibrational frequency, hypnotizing people under the influence of a good rhythm and catchy hook that when sung over and over, becomes as powerful as chanting. As I mentioned before, to each their own. But I'd like to think that as we tap into a higher power, pray often, and consider the fact that our decisions does effect others, that we use our talents to empower one another and truly make our mark in society as real artists that people respect.

Not every song or act may be conscious. Art is art. Therefore, part of what makes it special is that we don't censor the truth which sometimes isn't so positive. Sometimes we must purge and vent our frustrations through our music to make a point that something is disturbing or painful. Music and film has always been instrumental to revolutionary movements and even political or religious renaissance. Why stop now? I'm simply suggesting that it is more spiritually fulfilling to be a leader than a follower with your craft. Remember, it's your creation! That's why you are the artist. You are the painter, the composer, the director of your own image, career and destiny. So embrace all parts of yourself and stay authentic. Know that people will try to push and pull at you from all angels to make certain business decisions whether it's to market you according to their vision or sell units according to what they think will earn an immediate income. I say pray on all that you do, and make sure that you are proud of your work because after all, you were born (created) by something bigger than you & I with a purpose - which is part of a greater plan!

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