Monday, September 2, 2013

Live Music Supported by Female Entrepreneurs

(Women's Networking Emporium) 

They say that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan... Umm Hmm.. Uh, pretty much ;) With so many artists and cool venues, shows, thrift shops, and booming businesses, these neighborhoods are becoming home to some fortunate souls, especially artists that need the energy of the city, but still not as chaotic as Manhattan. In addition, there's a new company emerging founded by female entrepreneur, Jackie Melendez, Womens Networking Emporium, looking to support, encourage, and build a community of strong women whether they be entertainers, real estate agents, developers, marketers, corporate giants, and/or any kind of leader making a difference for our future. 

Edwin Vazquez Musica & Jasmine Clemente
Jasmine Clemente
One of their first major events was, "Under The Tent", at the Restoration Plaza where they showcased various independent artist (men & women) at a fabulous summer out-door location. I must say, the sound system & microphone was amazing!!! Which I thankfully appreciate because as an entertainer myself, venues don't always carry the best equipments. Most of the time, audiences don't realize what the issues are backstage that contribute or effect a show, but I assure you, having the right equipment is a major aspect to every spectacle! 

Fun times indeed! I sang two of my latest songs, "Everything You Need", which I have a music video for, and "Soul Mate" which was just released on a South African record label. Among the artists were Edwin Vazquez Musica, SOSOON, and more, plus Evan Ginzburg of Legends Radio was in the house filming the event! If you missed it, make sure to visit their next showcase on Oct 19th, 2013 for another good time!

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