Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BEAUTY (Inside/Out)

 How Our Inner Beauty Manifests Into Our Outer World

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente (Gown by Fjc Designs)
Beauty is pleasing to the eye; however, if what's inside the image you see before you is rotten, then it is only a matter of time before its stench and ugliness will be revealed.

Everything that's hidden in darkness will eventually be brought to light.

True beauty is mostly found in rare places. For example, even super models have imperfections, and yet those imperfections are their trade marks! Such as one model having a gap in between her front teeth that sets her apart from the rest, or having a noticeable mole on her cheek that stands out, or freckles, a long nose, thick eyebrows, the list goes on! On the outer realm, it is those unique features on a person that is most attractive to photographers, potential companions, and the world. It's always been that way so don't be fooled by a false perception of perfection.

The issue is that after the make-up, hair, and wardrobe is on, we see such a stunning creature that the long nose or big ears are no longer the center of attraction because the woman is so fixed up. (The same goes for men) So what I'm trying to say is... instead of trying to hide something that you might believe to be a "Flaw", embrace it! 

Movie actresses, Politicians, Models, and all kinds of high profile public figures have been categorized in society as an elite class because of their widely recognized publicized accomplishments, but I assure you - they are not better or more beautiful than anyone else. Though it might appear that way with smoke & mirrors, they, us, we, are of the same human species. 

Here's a small back drop of my story growing up. In my culture, (Puerto Rican) Latinos tend to be more attracted to voluptuous women with fairly thick thighs, a nice rump, curvy waste, and big breasts. (Different from the European culture that like pencil stick, thin women) Well, guess what? Growing up, I was that pencil stick, thin girl who got teased for being bony, like a skeleton! I tried to eat a little more so I could gain weight and fill out in certain places, but it wasn't the way my body was proportioned. On top of that, I had big ears, curly eyebrows, and crooked teeth. That's right! I was the ugly duckling who grew up to be a swan. But take notice, I didn't shrink the size of my earlobes, or change my body shape. I did however, tease and shape my eyebrows at the beauty salon as most women do, plus, the braces that my father paid for worked wonders after straightening out my smile! Lord knows how much I love to laugh!

The point I'm trying to make out of all this is to embrace your outer beauty by highlighting and enhancing it. I don't use cosmetics to cover up my face, I use it to enhance my natural beauty - the key word here is beauty! You are beautiful. We all are. But what separates us from the fabulous and the not-so-fabulous, is the way we OWN IT! Do you feel that only skinny women are gorgeous? If so, look at how beautiful Oprah Winfrey & Jill Scott are. Those women have such a vibrant glow about them that it'd be impossible to deny their attractiveness. They are successful, optimistic, stylish, confident, talented, warm hearted, and influential women! And yes, it shows in the way they dress, walk, talk, and look. Do you think that taller women are sexier? If so, check out Gloria Estefan  and Paula Abdul who's only five foot, one inch height. They''re absolute beauties for more reasons than one! Image is important; it always has been. The thing that's even more important however, is the beauty you possess inside - because it will show!!! More than you know!!!

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  1. Love to read the perspective you bring in this article.


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