Friday, August 2, 2013

Lyrics to Rattle the Soul "SOUL MATE" (South Africa)

So much music; it's over saturated. Millions or billions, perhaps even trillions - (no exaggeration), of music to find on line. What separates you from the rest? For me, it's not a competition but let's be realistic: We want to sell records. Artists, that is. And with a simple, catchy hook that rings repeatedly inside of someone's mind, you got yourself a winner - hooking your listeners in! 

However, I wrote a song that doesn't have the conventional hook that we're all used to hearing. If you google & listen to my single, "Soul Mate", you'll know what I mean. It's a song that I recorded with South African producers, Maqabe & Mbali, on Qabecity Records. 

From across the globe to NYC, I'm performing this song that I took a risk with - writing lyrics that don't have the normal, catchy hook because instead I chose to write lyrical metaphors that intertwine worldwide traveling with how far a soul mate's radar can actually reach. Meaning... that whether you live near the equator (In South America), or by Niagra Falls (In Canada), or by the Red Sea (In Israel), you're soul mate can feel you from distances away because that's how strong the connection is. 

I wrote the song wanting to give people something to think about while dancing to it. I could've wrote very simple lyrics, but the internet is already over saturated with mindless music just as much as TV is over saturated with mindless reality shows. Thus, for me it's not solely about making popular music to be famous or sell top chart records - as much as it's about making real music with real substance.

Nevertheless, last month in July I performed, "Soul Mate", at Babble In The Bronx's 3 year anniversary amongst a great line up of Spoken Word Poets, Singers, and MC's who appreciate real content over commercialized tunes. Now, I'm not putting down commercial tunes because I'd be lying if I say that I don't dance to them in night clubs or during fun celebrations, but I believe that every artist has a certain crowd (audience/demographic) to tap into. At Babble, you're going to get the type of crowd that wants to hear something authentic, straight from the gut that will provoke deeper thoughts, challenge the mind, touch the heart, and rattle the soul.

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