Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Confidence Equals Leadership


Confidence can mean many different things to many different people. But at the root of confidence lies the seed of self love.

When you love yourself, you trust yourself. You know that as a human being, there are many lessons to learn and you're not born knowing everything, but just because you make a few mistakes along your journey, doesn't mean you stop loving yourself. Confidence is when you love all of who you are, your imperfections, your strengths, your weaknesses, and everything that makes you who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.

Confidence has nothing to do with vanity, egotism, or winning popularity contests. In fact, it's when you might be highly misunderstood by others that you'll need your confidence the most. Confidence makes you a leader. It makes you sure of yourself. It allows you to speak up. It inspires you to get what you deserve. And your confidence allows God & the universe to manifest its glory through you.

Let's talk about the opposite of confidence: Insecurity.

When we're insecure, we take less than we deserve. We'll probably settle for a low income salary,
settle for a mediocre relationship, and/or allow ourselves to get walked on! Well, today and everyday moving forward... be confident!!! And make a list of the things you want in life. Seriously. Let your imagination run wild and envision your deepest desires coming to life. Then, tell yourself that there is absolutely no reason on earth why you don't deserve to achieve and/or have those things. I mean, why do you think other people have great lives? It's not only for the lucky. It's for the ones who believe. Be confident!


  1. Excellent work Jasmine! Keep telling it like it is Gemini sista! -Jen

    1. Thanks Jenn! Confidence shows that we refuse to live without purpose or meaning. We were made for something :)


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