Saturday, June 29, 2013

#ClementeDreamTeam with a splash of DJ Divine Ellison

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
Yesterday I had a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Reggo Wilson, to update my Actors head shots. However, the day before our scheduled shoot, I had a meeting with the up & coming fashion designer, FranKee J. Cueto, (fjcDesigns), and I loved his outfits so much that I added him into the equation for the next day. 

The picture you see here is of me wearing a black laced blouse designed by him. I'd reveal the entire outfit but I can't because I'd love to use one of these photos for a single cover. But gosh! His designs are so fly that I wish I could share it right now... Uh! You have no idea how bad I want to! It's having a great designer like him plus an awesome photographer with a good eye to make the package complete. Noone can ever make it alone; it takes a dream team, like FranKee told me, to help one another out. Genius! I thought. Why not come up with the hash tag #ClementeDreamTeam for promoting projects on social media: Instagram or Insta-tweet & tweeter-gram (as Reggo jokes).

I also wanna give a shout out to DJ Divine Ellison for playing my single, "Soul Mate," produced by Maqabe & Mbali (Qabecity Records / A South African Record Label) on his Saturday morning show, The Greasy Spoon, on PrePartyRadio with listeners from NY, LA, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London and Paris who've been supporting the house music community for years. The single will be available on,, and on July 18th, 2013. Also look out for my performance on the Coney Island Boardwalk this summer on August 13th where Mr. Divine will be spinning again and having me as his featured performer for a sunny afternoon.

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