Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 When You Don't Know Which Lover To Choose

Ever feel torn between lovers? But of course. I think we all have at some point in our lives - for different reasons. In this new Panamanian web series, Dirty Hearts, (Directed by Victorious De Costa) I play the leading lady, Veronica, who feels her long-time boyfriend slipping away when he begins going through personal inner changes. As he starts breaking old habits, switching up his style, and thinking of new life goals, he meets another woman who matches his new attitude. This is where he starts to get confused...

From Left To Right: Ivy Rivera, Angelo Salazar, Jasmine Clemente

Without giving away too much information and juicy details, I think this is a project that everyone can relate to on some level. Who hasn't gone through conflict when life shows you new things? Has it always been easy to cut chords with people you've built close relationships with? There's this thing called loyalty, and often times when we begin distancing ourselves from our old social circles, it can seem disheartening to the ones feeling left behind - especially romantic companions. Stay tuned for this cool, fun, and hip webisode coming soon to an internet near you!

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