Monday, April 30, 2012

PHUSION: A Collective Vibe

This past Friday night, I hosted an amazing event coordinated by Phusion: A Collective Vibe at The Sullivan Room in NYC. (Khahim & Carmela in partnership) The following DJ's were Yuko, Hallex M, Duce Martinez, and Karizma. Now... when I tell you this party was off the hook - it was STUPENDOUSLY AMAZING!!! Why? Because there was a SPIRIT IN THE BUILDING...

Jasmine Clemente & Khahim
What I mean by that is, the energy amongst the people was on such a high frequency that everyone felt it. Contagious, contagious, contagious! No one was exempt from it. A few times during the evening, individuals took turns jumping into the middle of a group circle to show off their dancing skills - and there were no egotistic dance battles going on because most people felt comfortable enough to get a chance in the spotlight. In fact, one dude even did a summer salt in the air. That was a moment!

Then I gave a surprise vocal performance, singing "Free My Spirit", which was the perfect anthem of the night. Indeed, confidence ruled the room. You wanna talk about freedom? All kinds of stresses were released that night! People shook off their burdens and left the drama at the door. With all the cameras shooting, video lights glaring and smiles stretching, it was obvious that everyone had a great time. Until next time, I was happy to perform for such a positive event. Thus, there were at least 4 different artists painting pictures on drawing boards throughout the club, plus an all female dance crew named MAWU gave an amazing spectacle of a show.

Jasmine Clemente performing Free My Spirit

Chino of Duce is Wild Ent & Jasmine Clemente

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