Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last week I joined a spoken word poetry event called Raising Hell at a brand new location in Harlem: The DeJaVu Book Store & Tantalizing Boutique. However, instead of reciting a poem, I sang an acapella to one of my new songs (never sung live before). How I love singing acapella!

This funky, cool store holds urban literature novelties, costume jewelry, and even sex toys for your freaky fetishes! And in the back, there's a small stage for performers to rock the mic during after-hours when the facility is closed to the public.

Despite it being a cozy, small, and intimate environment, the artists who come are no small-time people. These free-thinkers express themselves in a raw, uncut fashion that's captured on film & photography. To learn more about these events happening in Harlem, google Monica S. Martinez (one of the owners of the boutique) and follow her on Twitter.

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