Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't Let AGE Rule Your World.

When it rains, it pours... And you know what they say about April Showers! April rain brings in the May flowers. Well, I'm happy to say that it's been one blessing after another this month, with endless opportunities presenting themselves to me. Now, I must admit that I believe the reason for this streak of good luck has to do with me maintaining a child's optimistic outlook on life. Despite the fact that I'm thirty years old, I still choose to believe that anything is possible. I still hustle like I'm 21 years old, I still believe that I have my whole life ahead of me, I'm still curious about exploring all 4 corners of the world, and I still dress for success like I'm young & sexy - because I am! 

I encourage women to break out of the box! Especially when it comes to hearing these stereo types of how women should tone it down after a certain age. Oh please! Do you see Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez letting themselves go after 40? No! In fact, some of these hot mamacitas look more stunning as they evolve then when they were younger. Now, some people might think that due to a celebrities bank account and professional marketing team that, that is the reason for their good looks. But I say it has more to do with the actual individual who's allowing all of this to happen.  (I mean, Whitney  Houston didn't look so great during her marriage to Bobby Brown regardless of her fortune.) Stress is stress! And it shows just the same on everyone! Regardless of what profession one has, (Teacher, Lawyer, Executive Assistant, Writer, Secretary, Nurse, Air Flight Attendant, etc) we have a choice as to whether or not we're going to continue exercising our vitality and zest for life, or throw our wonder-woman capes down  and settle for mediocrity. I say take a chance! I say break the rules! I say get into shape! I say ask for help! I say feed your curiosity! I say learn new things! I say take care of yourself and guard your mind! Don't absorb information that will make you fearful of living spontaneously. Yes! BE RISKY! (Don't jump off a bridge and hope to swim once you hit the ocean - that's not what I mean) What I mean is, take a good look in the mirror and get real with yourself. Are you HAPPY? Like, really happy? I'm not suggesting that celebrities have the perfect life and to compare yourself to Hollywood Actresses, (I refer to famous people so that readers can relate to a specific image of someone who's already achieved a challenging goal) but what I am suggesting is that regardless of the age group you're in, allow yourself to dream big and... hey... make a bucket list. For example, if visiting Egypt just happens to be something you'd like to do before you die, then find out what measures to take and do it.

This month I've been working with a swarm of music producers, and although they all have a different style & sound, I can't help but feel blessed to work on my craft. It does get scary though! Being thirty years old, sometimes I do feel conflicted about whether or not I should direct my energy into a more secure business that is less spontaneous in nature. (Something that offers more guarantees) With music, one never knows what record will break or when. But, on the flip side, one doesn't know how far you can go if you give it your all. How do you know your record won't be the next international hit and that you won't suddenly be in demand to perform overseas? As children, we believe the world is our oyster. There's not much we fear, and for that we reach for the stars! But as adults,  a common fear is that people begin neglecting their inner child. Yet my personal belief is that, since with age comes wisdom, we have the upper hand to still make our dreams a reality by being a little bit more business savvy, selective with who we work with, and by knowing how to balance our personal & professional lives in order to get the best of both worlds.

In addition to all the great music I'm working on lately, I'm proud to host a party this coming Friday at The Sullivan Room in NYC which includes a live art show, a dance performance, and a line up of some of the dopest DJ's in the house scene. So you see, events like this are good for business networking, for attracting other like minded (creative) individuals, and for staying in the loop with what's new in the scene. "Aren't you a little too old to be partying?", one might ask. NO! As long as we have our priorities in order, such as feeding our spirit with joy so that our frequency and vibration RISES, then we will attract other joyful attributes into our lives and choose a career that will not only pay us, but will also allow us to live longer and happier lives by getting paid to do what we love! So I say, choose the road less traveled.

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