Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This past Sunday I joined Gladys Pizzaro (Cofounder of Strictly Rhythm and founder of Launch Entertainment) to her record label release party at XVI Rooftop Lounge in NYC. When I tell you that this party was amazing, it was AMAZING!!! 

It's funny how things flow in the universe. I met Gladys through a friend/life coach of mine named Noreen Sumpter. I've known Noreen for about five years now, and I must say, I never would've thought that five years later she'd be introducing me to such a great connection. This is why I stress how important nourishing great relationships are. Entertainment is a social business, so the more people you know the better. HOWEVER! When maturing, one must be selective of the company they keep. Birds of a feather flock together. It's true! So be a positive person who attracts positive people that will support & encourage your success, thus, add value to your life such as connecting you with the right people.

What I love even more is that although I attended this record label launch party and mingled with other creative professionals, everyone danced their asses off! I can't remember the last time I went to an industry event where every celebrity said, "Fuck what I look like tonight! I'm getting my dance on!" and allowed their make up to run, and their hair to frizz while they worked up a sweat. Yes, it was that kind of party! Good Times!

(Singer) Jasmine Clemente, (Founder) Gladys Pizzaro, (Producer) Oscar P.
So let's see what happens next... As I journey through this road to success, I report the high's and low's as they come. And thank god, this entry was one of the best ones to post since I had such an amazing time in a great environment.

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  1. Hi Jasmine great to hear all this wonderful news, also I was wondering if you knew any record labels that are excepting new artist. You may not know but I manage a Polish band, they just released their first track in English, so if you have any info please let me know, God Bless.


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