Thursday, April 21, 2011


Once again, I'm working on my novel. But today I'm doing one thing differently from what I normally do and that is... I'm writing at a cafe called, The Tea Lounge, in Park Slope Brooklyn. Usually I write at home where I'm comfortable in my cozy studio apartment accompanied by my two cats. Of course writing at home is great because I can stay in pajamas, kick my feet up on the sofa, and hit the refrigerator whenever I need a bite to eat. But today... I'm in a nice cafe.

Sometimes we need a change of atmosphere. I think this place - a step up from starbucks with tea and coffee served in real mugs - is a great place to discipline myself for more hours than usual. And the reason is because I'm not home, plus I'm surrounded by a bunch of other lap tops plugged in around me; everyone is writing something. And one thing feeds the other. ... I'm about to get lost in the zone. Story writing time...

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