Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm taking it back old school tonight; writing lyrics and singing them into a tape recorder! (Yes, they still make those!) Although last week I rehearsed with my guitar player, Fredrick the Live 1, tonight I'm picking up where we left off. I have to admit, I like creating songs from scratch without having the track already made for me. Even though it's okay to write lyrics to a beautiful instrumental, it feels better to work with live musicians on something fresh from the ground up.

Last week, it was just me and Fredrick - no one else. No pre-beat already made, no extra people hanging around to give their opinions or be a distraction, and no pressure to create a so-called "Radio Hit". (I hate those!) Thankfully, it was just us jamming out to something that came from the heart & soul. And hey... isn't that what music's all about anyway? Tonight I'll be coming up with the grand finale of the song: The bridge and the end. Can't wait for our rehearsal next week!

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