Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Photo Taken by Reggo Wilson / Styles by Cheedah Shikaage Itchi Suuwah
I love blogging! But as a professional Multimedia Artist, it is basic standard to have an official website for audiences and future prospects to look at. Nonetheless, I finally have enough product (music videos, pictures, records, etc.) to add content to an attractive website that will get me more work. Excited to discuss creative ideas with my web designer over the phone today, he pointed out a major issue in branding and marketing me - my image as a sex object.

"Which way do you wanna go?" He asked. "Do you wanna sell sex or do you wanna sell spiritual consciousness?" Either way, he didn't mind which one I'd chose because he wasn't judging me, he was just trying to figure out how he should brand me as he creates my site. 

With a mixture of sexy pictures along with basic head shots, personality photos and single covers, most of my images consist of me posing in ways that show off some leg, curvy hips, or sexy gazes from my eyes. Now... I don't see anything wrong with being sexy, but the conclusion I feared was, "When are we overdoing it to the point that we lose our artistic or intellectual respect from our audiences?"       

It's no secret that everyone knows sex sells! Madonna, the master of marketing sex in her rise to stardom, proved that there was nothing taboo or scary in expressing our sexuality. In fact, she used this natural activity that all human beings engage in to empower self-confidence, freedom of expression, and excitement through her must-see, entertaining music videos and shows.

Well... we all can't be Madonna because there's only one, but you see, this is where I discovered the beauty in being unique. We have our India Arie's of the world who sing song lyrics such as, "I'm not the average girl in your video, my worth is not determined by the price of my clothes, no matter what I'm wearing I will always be, India Arie." And as I love the authenticity of both female artists who couldn't be more opposite in their self-promotion and approach to the arts & entertainment, I find myself being equally influenced by the both of them - and not being confused one bit! Perhaps it's because I'm a Gemini, and so I have a natural ability to adapt to different lifestyles and walks of life. But... that's too surface. What it really is, is that I appreciate everyone's unique blueprint, and in saying that, I don't think I have to choose between which message I want to convey, (sex & power or natural & humble) but I can marry the two worlds together so that they compliment one another as delicately as the yin and the yang because I am in fact, my own artist with my own message - that is to say the least, learn to live in your own skin whether it be simple or complex. Ladies, just simply BE YOURSELVES!

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