Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyday's My Birthday!!!


Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente
Today, May 23rd, marks my birthday. Yet instead of celebrating this occasion at some fancy club or far off tropical island, I'm home blogging after completing a photo shoot for the new web series, Dirty Hearts, (Directed by Victorious De Costa) that I got cast lead role in.

Work, work, work... and more work seem to fill my days - but I love it!!! Every single gig I land from acting roles, live performances, record releases, and photo shoots to even blogging. Yes! Even blogging! There's never a dull moment.

I also just received the picture's back from last week's performance at M1-5 Lounge during the RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase, where I sang my new music from South Africa ("Soulmate" on Qabecity Records), Italy ("Something Different" on New Generation Records), and New York ("Wanting More" Native Son Music). While reviewing them, I couldn't help but realize how blessed I am to have the health, freedom, and drive to live with such passion and purpose.

With that being said, I believe that I celebrate everyday like it's my birthday! Instead of waiting for that one moment out of the year to acknowledge my uniqueness by spending it with family & friends, I can honestly say that I do this on a regular. basis My loved ones take turns supporting me at different events, and I support them with their achievements as well - and partying like a rock star, shhhhit... You already know I do that!

Last week I was honored to sing for approximately 400 people, most of them new faces. You never know what will move the crowd, but I tend to believe that when you perform from your heart & soul, they appreciate it - and by the audience's reaction, I can tell they did! Tons of people went out of their way to pay me compliments which is one of the best feelings on earth for a performer to have because we live to show people a good time on stage. I wanna take them on a journey while  I have their attention; to create a bridge between their world and mine as I sing my song lyrics, is a sacred gift for me to have the opportunity to share. 

Singer/Songwriter Jasmine Clemente

To add to this artistic life, over the weekend we shot our first scene in the new web series I'm cast for. Another project I highly enjoyed putting energy into. I play, Veronica, a sassy urban Panamanian chic that wants a better life - to travel overseas, wear designer clothes, and move up in the world; but feels threatened when the love of her life, Ricky, begins to slip away due to a change of heart and mentality. After hours of filming by taking different angle shots and wardrobe changes, I knew that despite the hard work and long hours, acting is another venture I absolutely love pursuing! Nevertheless, today the main characters of the cast did a photo shoot by Zoi Ellis for our promotional packaging & material. Thus, I had the pleasure of being styled by the ever amazing fashion stylist, Devora, from Devora of Dig Deep LLC

In short... To summarize this all-over-the-place blog entry, I guess what I'm trying to say is that my life is becoming a daily birthday celebration because I am surrounded by good vibrations. Who can ask for a better life when you're living your dreams and mingling with others who pursue their dreams too? Everyone I meet expresses their divine gifts, are prosperous from it, are happy, and are evolving everyday as confident, clear, focused human beings who add a little more color into the world. Who can ask for a better birthday, or a better life?

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