Monday, May 13, 2013

Global Power


As today's society evolves into a more open world, I thought about the tremendous significance within the online community - global community, that is. Is it possible that we, or I, have taken this powerful gift for granted by not utilizing it for what it's truly worth? With a platform to reach billions of people around all four corners of the world, literally, what have I been blogging about? I get that whole concept about, The Law of Attraction - think positive thoughts to attract positive results, but in a world filled with issues of poverty, disease, abuse, kidnapping, violence, drugs, and all kinds of misfortunes, how do we not utilize the internet to get our messages across to people where our words can inspire and influence great change & transformation?

I have tons of high-energy, instrumental (club) tracks to work on right now from tons of worldwide music producers, so believe me, I have enough to keep my hands full, but as I sat in front of my laptop thinking of ways to be creative, something within my spirit moved me. I wasn't in the mood to write song lyrics or to memorize lines from one of my scripts. Instead, I felt compelled to get some type of message across about how we use the internet to promote and what we are promoting. I've heard people complain that today there is a lack of privacy because anybody can find out anything on the internet. But let's flip this inside out. If there are secret societies, terrorist organizations, gangs, kidnappers, petafilers, serial killers and all types of people with deep rooted issues and evil intent, then this means that the world is obviously in need of some serious healing and spiritual cleansing. With that being said, the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, I believe that it takes a community to create solutions to problems, thus, the world wide web is a necessary tool to making that happen.

Now... what do I do with this sudden discovery? Not that I never knew how important the internet was before, but it's the area of focus I chose that is shifting at the moment. I'm an independent singer/songwriter/actress - a multimedia artist to be exact. It's what I love and have a passion for. I don't regret that or diminish its purpose in the world. But I do realize that if everyone joined at least one community service center (or founded one) the way we all prioritize money, family, and career into our lives, then the more help we contribute to society, the better society would be. Why is it that all through grade school and College, teachers and faculty get us prepared for the so called Real World by training our minds to find jobs,  but don't stress the importance of joining a community service when in fact, the Real World consists of real people who need real help? In fact, joining a community service has always been an option, like an elective, but never a priority. Now, I'm not suggesting that we should all put on our superwoman & superman capes with a mission to save the world. All I'm saying is that it would be beneficial to everyone if we dedicated at least one day out of the week - especially at the convenience of staying in the comfort of our own homes by using the internet, (which is ten times more influential than the television ever was) to renew people's minds, heal their souls, and find solutions to problems we thought were never ending.

How blessed are we to have freedom of speech in America? And do we use it to speak empowerment into other people's lives? Are we writing informative articles on bringing order and peace into our spiritual center? Are we making You Tube videos that reveal something bigger than just the usual? Everyday can't be a serious day. I believe in making life colorful, joyful, playful, sexy, desirable, enchanting, mysterious, exciting, and all types of fun! However, as my spiritual responsibility to my fellow human race increases, how do I turn a blind eye to the terrors of the world and think that I don't share the same air that all my brothers and sisters are breathing? How can I think that one person's problem may not, or will not, eventually become my own before they land on my front door step? When natural disasters happen, that's when people realize how small we are compared to this grand universe, and how all people - even strangers, are connected during a moment of trajedy. So why wait until an outbreak, a world war, or some other form of life threatening obstacle occurs before we realize that the light within me is also the light within you? There is no separate us, (you and I), because it is we, and we, need to use this internet for vital causes that will make this world a little bit better than we found it by promoting the right content to masses of people around the ENTIRE WORLD. Just think, if you could have the attention of every single pupil on earth for just five minutes, what would you say? Because the internet can make that happen. 


  1. I've often pondered the same. How hard is it, to give off your time to help another? Many of my endevours have often started due to mentoring. Often I get dragged into a mentee's project because I have made a commitment to that person. Often growing up without a father makes me understand that mostly youth just want someone that will listen and support them.

    Giving is second nature to some; for others is arduos and time consuming.

    Great read.

  2. This is definitely true it explains how powerful the focus of our mind is. Our reality is really what we focus on. There are wonderful things going on in the world, but if all we focus on is the lack and difficulty, we can never find the magic of growth and contribution (two human needs that provide us total fulfillment). Everyone should share this post and spread the word!

  3. Thanks guys! I forget sometimes that with great power comes great responsibility, and media is in some ways the most powerful weapon known to man because once you get inside the mind of millions, you already know!!! ;) So how are we influencing, effecting, and impacting one another? Especially on the web? This is something I need to revisit and make changes with. I myself can be doing a better job of the type of content I'm sharing on the web, my image, my message, and my product(s). Thanks for reading and sharing!!!


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