Monday, October 22, 2012

Sexy Secrets

 What an interesting week. First off, for all you Astrology lovers out there, we're at the beginning of mercury in retrograde which will last into the third week of November. This means that during this period, alot of miscommunication and arguments will happen because secrets and hidden things will resurface. Now, what does all this have to do with my feature at ArteRotica (curated by Alaric Campbell) on September 26th? Well... without complicating things too much, let's just say that even though I read my erotic short story entitled Twin Mamacita that evening, I am just now finally posting up the pictures while having some weird "real life" relationship issues. Thus, although the story is fiction based, I tend to believe that real life is much more interesting.

Now... my relationship status is... let's just say... anonymous. (Or of this was facebook, we'd say, It's complicated) And because it's hard to define, the details make perfect sense for a story! Except I'm not writing about it here on this blog! Ha! Got'cha! Nope! I'm just going to simply tell you how my feature went at the show last month. (what a sex-crazed audience!)  

In my short story entitled, "Twin Mamacita" which is selected to be published in the Anthology, Lipstick Diaries 3 Augustus Publishing), the main character is at first heartbroken when her fiance admits to still being in love his exgirlfriend, but soon accepts the truth of his affair by imagining how passionate his sex life with the other woman is since he exudes real love with her. In a twisted way, she finds similarities with the other woman, and even realizes that it's those same similarities that attract her fiance to the both of them. Can anyone out there relate? I wrote that story about three years, but am now finally getting it published! How exciting! And yet I read it to an eager audience and got great feedback! Of course that's mainly because I read an erotic excerpt and that's what the crowd came to see. Fun times indeed... Although since you're reading this during mercury in retrograde, why not ask yourself, what secret fantasies are you hiding lately? And... would you dare to write them down? 

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