Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, What A Night! Saying THANK YOU Is Not Enough!

Photo Taken By Kara Peterson
WOW! What an amazing video release party to remember. Although it wasn't an evening at The Oscars or a Grammy Award winning night, there was still an air of that type of celebration in the building. People were dressed to the 9's and everyone connected on an extremely positive note.
To the right is a picture of the host, Ms Elle, who shouted out the video director Rodolfo Duran on the mic and also encouraged all the beautiful people to hit the bar - which (chuckling) we sure as hell did!

Editor-in-chief Michelle Herrera Mulligan of Cosmopolitan for Latinas joyfully arrived with a few copies of the magazine to raffle off. An amazing friend & writing mentor, I was in deep gratitude to receive Mulligan's support and introduce her to more friends and family.

Photo Taken By Kara Peterson
As the night progressed, I witnessed an abundance of joy and laughter, and even magical moments as people approached Anita Kopacz's table to check out her self-help book, Finding Your Way Forwarded by Russell Simmons. I was even shocked when one of my photographers, Power Quevedo, opened up a random page where he received the message of Passion, because he'd just recently told me that he likes to photograph people who are passionate about life! Coincidence? I think not. Rather, I believe that the vibrations were so high that it caused everyone's frequency to rise up - especially since I'd received the message of Miracles when it was my turn to turn the page.

MY SHOUT OUTS BEGIN... Thank you Keith Ervin for providing KATRA as the venue, thank you Rodolfo Duran for putting such a creative force behind making this video with your colorful vision, thank you Anita Kopacz for being a special guest by blessing everyone with your words of wisdom in your featured book signing, thank you Krystal Honey for being my dancer in the video and for helping me that day on set, (won't forget!) thank you Perez Massimo, Franke Estevez, and Foremost Poets for getting the sound system right to provide the smooth sounds of soulful house, thank you Michelle Herrera Mulligan for giving away free magazines as a treat, thank you to my lovely host Ms Elle for having such a beautiful personality and making the people feel comfortable, thank you to my best friend Alicia Fogg for staying by my side the entire night when I was being pulled in a million directions, (You definitely had my back!) thank you to my photographers, Power Quevedo, Kara Peterson, and Chris Carr for shooting all the special moments and catching them on film, and last but not least, a huge shout out to my relatives and closest friends who came out to party like rock stars and show your love! This is only the beginning of bigger things to come...

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