Monday, December 12, 2011


Host Joe Shock Lopez & Singer Jasmine Clemente

Tonight I felt the love! As I spoke on air at URBAN LATINO RADIO, a good amount of people logged onto the chat room and listened in to my interview on the "Back To The Beat" show hosted by Joe Shock Lopez.

Lopez played both of my singles, "TIME" produced by Anthony K & Antonio Ocasio, and "FREE MY SPIRIT" produced by Franke Estevez. The feedback was awesome! People tuned in and complimented my music in the chat room which was a great thing to see. I also dropped a little acapella, giving the audience a chance to voice their opinion on what kind of lyrics they'd like to hear. I asked, "Let's ask the audience members if they'd like to hear a song about a lovers quarrel, or another positive joint to keep the  good vibrations flowing." Someone typed, "Positive". And another typed, "Bring it! Let's hear both!" Since we were running out of time, I sang a verse to a positive song since the majority ruled, and needless to say... The show ended off on a positive note!

Press play below, and fast forward after the first hour to hear my interview!

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