Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcoming The New

Welcoming The New With Divine Timing

Feng Shui Cleaning

At the beginning of the year, January 2013, I did an early spring cleaning in my apartment. I threw out old items that were torn or had cracks in them, despite them still looking kind of cool. I even filled up garbage bags with old clothes and shoes, thinning out my closet until there was practically nothing left. (Of course I kept some clothes, but I only kept clothes that I absolutely love!)

I removed all of my furniture from my apartment and placed them in the hallway so that I could sweep every corner and mop the floor obsessively. After wards, I placed the furniture back in, polishing EVERY piece: lamps, figurines, the coffee table, etc. Last but not least, I lit an incense along with some candles as the sun went down. When I tell you that my place felt brand new, I tell you it felt heavenly!!!

The next day as I scrolled down my twitter feed, I noticed that it was National Feng Shui Day! What a coincidence, I thought. What were the chances that I had suddenly gotten into the mood to do such a thorough cleaning in my apartment just a few hours prior to the celebration of Feng Shui? Guess I must've fallen into the flow of that wavelength, being in tune with Mother Earth. On another note, not only had I cleared a path by cleaning my home (my temple) so beautifully, but I had also let go of emotional attachments that I had to people who had been weighing me down energetically. Now... That part didn't happen over night, but throughout the previous year in 2012, I had been distancing myself from certain relationships, and so by the time January 2013 rolled around, I had gotten the emotional closure I needed to move forward in life.

Here's where it gets deeper. Immediately after the house cleaning and the emotional closure, I had received an offer from South Africa to record my vocals over some amazing music! When I heard the track that came in via email, I was dancing in my living room, so excited about the work I'd received - from all the way across the globe, none the less!!!

Within the same month, I received more emails from producers in different countries. The next one was from Italy followed by another from Greece, and so on. Sitting in front of my computer one day, I couldn't help but give into the superstition of Feng Shui. Or perhaps, it was a combination of things. As I'd let go of old relationships that no longer served my divine purpose, I believe I made room for new experiences and people to enter my life. Yes... I walked into this new year with fresh energy. I wanted clarity, an open path, and I had faith that whatever was behind the unknown would be good!!!

Ok... So now I think I totally understand that when things DON'T work out in life, it's because there was a blockage. But when we gather courage to finally let go of what no longer belongs in our lives, we open up the floodgates for brand new potential to come rushing in like the speed of light. And then, because we made room to receive, the things that are meant to be DO WORK OUT!

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