Thursday, January 24, 2013


Business & Magic 

We sometimes think that we have to separate the professional from the human being. Putting on our poker face, signing contracts and choosing who to work with is mostly based on people's past credentials and how both parties feel they can benefit. Not that this is a bad idea.... But what happened to making decisions based on intuitive hunches?

You've all heard the saying, "Everything that glitters isn't gold." So when someone proposes a beautiful business plan that looks & sounds great, should we automatically jump on it? And is it smart to assume that just because someone is famous, that you should join forces with them to get ahead? What if that famous person was just about to disappear off the scene and have a major fall?

I tend to believe that there is a natural flow to success, and to achieve this may require us to rely on our intuitive hunches. What goes up, must come down. So there must be a cycle in business just like there is a cycle in nature, a cycle in the seasons, and a cycle within our bodies. And since our bodies are not disconnected from the rest of the world, perhaps we should listen to the intuition within our bodies to know when to do something or when to hold back. For example, if the Fall is best for harvesting, and the Spring is best for blossoming, then surely there are seasons in business when one can prosper and when one should take a pass. The key, I think, is to be in touch with your soul and in tune with your intuition so you can make wholesome decisions.

Unfortunately, more often than not, some people don't include their intuition within the equation for successful decision making. They rely solely on facts and logic, and became so focused on achieving a goal, that they make no room for their intuition to direct them. This is why you hear stories from people saying things like, "I worked my entire life for this and it was all for nothing!" Then they're on the verge of committing suicide, or they go into a deep, dark, clinical depression because they've lost their entire identity. 

  "Intuition and the acquisition of wealth have a lot in common. There are many ways to arrive at each, and every individual has their own unique gift in doing so. In fact, it is the homogenization of the path that often impedes an effective strategy." - Laura Day, Bestselling Author

The point that I'm trying to make is that we shouldn't go into work slaving our lives away to fulfill a dream or a fantasy without honoring the natural life force that is the common thread which links all of humanity together: Our intuitions. Without being in tune with this divine part of our selves, we run the risk of being ego-driven, which separates us from the things that truly empower our health and happiness, and divides us into isolating lifestyles. Especially as Americans, our capitalist country has a knack for driving out the money-hungry fire out of people who feel that they have to be successful by any means necessary - at the cost of losing their families, their friends, their morals, their peace of mind, and even losing touch with their inner spirit. 

In no way am I suggesting that we shouldn't dream. It is our divine right to share our gifts, skills, and talents with the world - and get paid for it! And yet, on our quest for success and happiness, we have to make time for meditation and solitude in order to honor our intuition. It's our intuition that is going to guide us away from those business deals that make complete sense but have pitfalls that we can't see, or perhaps the person we're doing business with is going to throw a monkey wrench on our project down the line, or the company that's endorsing you could suddenly go bankrupt overnight. It's happened. Not to mention, you can relocate to a new state that you swear will be like living in paradise and suddenly your marriage falls apart or your children run into danger.

Those examples above are not to scare you away from taking risks. They're there to show you that our intuition is an inner compass that shouldn't be underestimated. It's like a little psychic tool that let's you know when something has real potential to empower you, or will take you off course and hold you back. If you don't feel that following your gut is the smartest thing to do, it may just be the wisest thing you ever did. Remember that your intuition is linked to your soul, the very entity that has been with you since birth and has collected every memory you've ever had over the span of your lifetime. Don't doubt its power, for it can lead you to the right people you need to partner up with, who have the right ideas, the right resources, or it can be the right timing even if you're not sure how you'll make a way. Perhaps someone will offer you something for free that you needed but couldn't afford to buy. Go ahead, follow your hunches. What's the matter? You don't believe in magic?

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