Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inspired Word Showcase

The Inspired Word Showcase has a golden reputation for being one of the best open mics in NYC. After hearing so much about it for over a year, I finally dressed up warm this past Monday night and headed out the door to go to ONE & ONE (The Venue) in the lower east side. Little did I know, I walked into a reality TV show that MTV was recording. Okay... so that was unexpected and kind of cool. Nevertheless, I was the 14th person to sign up on an open mic list of 25.

One of the comedians made a joke, saying, "This open mic quickly turned into an audition once they found out MTV was in the house." SO TRUE! But it was great because it meant that all the performers stepped their game up just in case they'd be featured on television. Needless to say, they only recorded the first thirty minutes of the open mic, and I didn't go on until an hour and a half later - so I missed camera time! Oh well... I still enjoyed myself!

As a side note: My favorite performance of the night was by a poet who recited a piece entitled, "Way of The Angels." Thus, that picture on the right, is me totally mesmerized by his divine message; see me smirking; I'm enchanted -------------------->

Now, when it was my turn to rock the mic, I performed my original song "Everything You Need" in acapella. And without exaggerating or trying to toot my own horn, I received the first standing ovation of the night. It was awesome! There's something special about singing without instruments or background music. Just me, my voice, the people, and the room. My message echos because my voice dominates the atmosphere due to the audiences silence. I have their attention. Their focus is on me. And that's why I make sure to write lyrics that feeds positive energy. As I mentioned before, the other performers were inspiring too - that's why it's called, The Inspired Word Showcase by Mike Geffner.

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