Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I read a controversial yet sweet poem to a crowd of Brooklynites just a few nights ago on Saturday, September 10th at an open mic called VIBES TO TOUCH held at the TBD lounge in Greenpoint, BK. Although the hosts, Wiseguy and Gaston Thomas, introduced me as a Performing Artist / House Singer because that's what I am, I've never recited one of my poems before - which for me, was exploring new territory.

House Singer & Spoken Word Artist, Jasmine Clemente
The first spoken word poet to go up was, Versatile, who shared a dark, urban tale in a poetic fashion, expressing raw emotion with passion and pain. Immediately after her is when I was called to the stage. (Well, not a real stage; it was the center of the lounge area complete with a tall, evergreen floor plant) All eyes were on me as I began reading the first few lines of my poem centered around the magic of Children. (And since it was a grown & sexy crowd, I knew there had to be a few parents in the room.) I don't know how, but somehow I'd managed to gain everyone's attention, and through the silence in the atmosphere, I could feel the audience hanging onto my every word until I had left them with a cliff hanger - perhaps for them to either fly away with a new perspective on how we view our children, or fall back into the reality they might've known prior to hearing my words. The purpose of my piece was to inspire people even more than they already are by our precious little jewels who hold the future in their hands.

In addition to the many other poets who were featured after me, there was also an acoustic guitar singer named, Joshua Torrez, who rocked a great performance, especially after singing, "It's A Man's World", by James Brown. He got everyone's attention after rocking that jam, not to mention the females who jumped out of their seats while singing along, "But it would be nothing,  nothing, without a woman or a girl." Of course! I clapped and whistled!

Art Work Created By Michelle Marin
Art work was also displayed all over the lounge, adding an extra flare of creative zest to the scene. Above is a picture of one of my favorite features of the night which was created by Michelle Marin. If you look closely, beside the bird is a message embedded inside of the heart: LOOK STRAIGHT. NOT DOWN AND NEVER BACK.

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