Saturday, March 26, 2011

AN OPEN MIC celebrating Latin & Caribbean Cultures

During the first week of March, a friend of mine invited me to an open mic event called CAPICU held in Brooklyn's Notice Lounge which is organized by Latin Activists. It was my first time there, and while I was experiencing a break up, I made the most of my time - It indeed lifted my spirits. Without being prepared to perform, I decided to freestyle whatever I felt in my heart at the moment. So when they called my name up to the stage, I shut my eyes and began singing silky adlibs until a few words just slipped out of my vocal chords.
Realizing that most artists performed pieces that remained within the caribbean theme of our culture, ancestors, and community issues, I veered off into a different direction by singing about my formless spirit inside. I got a few whistles and great reactions from the crowd, however, they were light and very few. In fact, I knew as I was expressing these lyrics that came from up above, everyone in the room was paying attention to every detail, every word, and every emotion as I delivered it soulfully. When I finished, I received loud claps, and as the host came up to grab the mic from my hands, she lovingly joked, "I felt like I was back in church for a second."

Each and every person who went up to share a piece was amazing! (My honest opinion.) Most of them were spoken word artists, some were poets, but I believe I may have been the only singer that night. Every piece honored our history, and some exposed the negative stereotypes of Latin culture as well as the positives. In any case, it felt really good to be a part of such an amazing show that highlighted people who want their voices to be heard in such a talented, dramatic and creative fashion. I look forward to appearing there again... Hopefully next time, I'll stick to the theme which celebrates my fabulous, cultural roots.

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