Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Before I ever received my first pay check for doing something "creative," whether it was singing live at a show, modeling or writing an article as a journalist, some people tried to convince me that I was just a dreamer who entertained my 'hobbies'. Now just imagine if I would've adopted that mentality? I never would've evolved into taking my skills to the next level because I would've remained at the bottom. But here's what's really important: The time you spend at the bottom is the time you should be investing into building your foundation! And so in that respect, make sure that your foundation is strong because later on when your creative challenges become even tougher, you'll need that foundation to fall back on.

Now I'm not talking about having a plan B, or doing something completely unrelated to what you love. I'm talking about getting your mind right, creating an LLC if need be, aligning forces with the kind of people WHO DO SUPPORT YOUR GOALS, and practicing your skills until they becomes sharper than a sword. Remember, you're a warrior in this world! And since often times, your greatest enemy can be yourself, make sure your head is clear, focused, and has vision!

As artists, we must remember that it is imperative to nurture our talents - not degrade them. We should also protect them with the same amount of passion that we would use to protect our body from physical danger. Yes, our mind is connected to our body so why should that be any different? Do you want to become a vegetable?

Also, what I'm saying sort of interweaves with being a leader instead of a follower. You know, as creative people, sometimes we become bored easily and therefore, don't like to be caged into becoming labeled as just one thing. Most of the time, a model becomes an actress or a dancer becomes a singer, or we have what we call the "triple threat" and even the "quadruple threat" because some people enjoy doing a little bit of everything. So the next time someone says to you, "You're a Jack of all traits but a master of none," tell them, "My having more than one talent is actually the quality of a genius." Or don't say anything at all. It's whatever floats your boat, but the point that I am making is that as creative individuals, we should never allow others to demean our mission or try to devalue the divine gifts that we've inherited through spirit. Our talents are God's life force working through us to continue expanding our consciousness, joy and love for life!

'Til next time... Enjoy the journey!

Oh! And when you get the chance, google the pioneer of Becoming Your Dreams: Mr. James De La Vega

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